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The alleged “Baptist Mafia” at Shell Houston

Although we have the name and email address for the person who sent the strong comments below, we do not know if they are authentic or whether the comments have substance. 


As an ex-Shell employee I have two things to say about the culture of Shell (I was employed in the Hague as a very senior role in the Drilling Department) and the way its going. 

Shell America (Houston) is so full of Baptists, its at the point where its commonly referred to as the Baptist Mafia and they are moving up and through Shell management structure to the dismay and dislike of the Dutch and British. Are they better, oh no….sneaky, two- faced, bullshitting liars, etc are the more pleasant words used. If they succeed to take the main board (one is already on it) and the way things are going there is more than a fair chance, then there is the potent for things to get a whole lot worse than they are right now. 

Corruption, its there, but with the Baptists its a more sneaky version – they tend to do each other favours, and ensure only those of the faith get anywhere, although to the world, its all open, fair and above board, but its not… has an almost Masonic feel to how things are done. 

An Example: A dumpling who had been with Shell 20 plus years, knew he was going nowhere, took a year out to qualify as a Baptist Minister, (one of those Bible belt colleges)3 months after his return to Shell, he was appointed to head a Continent wide department despite his having no knowledge or qualifications to do so. 

Its getting real scary, especially for those that really think there is a future for them in Shell.


As a footnote to the Sakhalin debacle you refer to….. the head of the Moscow office for Sugut was an American, guess from where? 

Surprisingly the dumpling I referred to earlier has (I was told 10 minutes ago) now got a ‘roving’ extra role to attend conferences etc and spout off about how good and safe Shell is. This despite the fact that the man is totally unqualified to do so, but he retires soon and doing so means his last years salary will be calculated and ex-pat and therefore almost double his pension. Thats how they operate.

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