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I like this website: its full of facts, fiction, lies, gripes, belly aching…

Posting on Shell Blog by “Uncle Tom”

My comments on a few things . . . . I like this website, its amusing to read as time permits. Its full of facts, fiction, lies, gripes, belly aching, and some revealing details about people in Shell and Motiva that they thought no one would ever know about. Amusing!

Fact #1
Since the arrogant Dutch took over command of Shell USA some years ago, we starting going down the tube. If you work with many Dutch people in Shell, you will soon realize that they think they own the Company and rules are not made for them, but for everyone else. I watched them discriminate, lie, cheat, and steal from the Company because they (because they were a Dutch employee) owned the Company.

Fact #2
3rd World Countries, wise up. Shell is there because you are cheap, and that’s the only reason. Yes, they do bring you better wages for taking your oil and gas resources, but don’t think any of you will ever gain executive control of the Company, so stop complaining, it just won’t happen. Those ex-pats are there for a reason. Now, they will use you as a pawn to influence 3rd World countries to gain control of what they want, but in the end, they’ll dump you in a second.

Fact #3
Many of the “leaders” you complain about here on the site have a choice, go to bat and fight for their site and employees . . . and be fired and have to look for a job to feed their family, or do as they are told. If you were in that position, and some of you are, you know what you would do. When it comes to your job or someone else’s job, which one would you choose? They have no choice in the matter.

Now I do agree that some of these people are worthless, have no clue how to run a business, etc, but some are decent people who, if they had a choice (which they don’t) would do things different. Shell is an engineering fraternity.

And the comment on Hermie Bundick, I’d like to say that I worked for this guy and he is a good guy, good head on his shoulders, and if given the job to run Norco, “could” do a great job, if he could make his own decisions. But you all know, unfortunately, these Site Managers and GM’s have strict direction from VP’s and Executives on what to do, and do it their way or the highway is normally the choice.

Business is different these days, my friends. Business results are measured short term these days, not like in the old days of past. Turn it around in a year or we’ll put someone else there who will. Once this short-term philosophy came into effect many years ago, we started the downward trend and it won’t turn around until we change that philosophy.

My 2 cents ! and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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