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Did activists infiltrate Shell to obtain contacts database?

Ian Grant
Friday 12 February 2010 05:49

Royal Dutch Shell may have been infiltrated by activists, according to one of the people who received an e-mail containing Shell’s staff contact details and a 177-page infiltration guide.

John Donovan, a corporate activist who runs a “name and shame” website about Shell, received the original message. The message, which contained the names and contact details of more than 170,000 Shell staff and contractors, was signed by 116 people who claimed to be Shell employees.

A Shell spokesman said the company was investigating the breach and had informed the regulatory authorities. He declined to comment about the possibility of an infiltration until the investigation is complete.

Donovan said information in section 6d of the 177-page document led him to suspect that Shell had been infiltrated by an organised group determined to hurt the company.

The passage, from the so-called “Summary and Detailed Plan of Action for a Peaceful and Sustained Royal Dutch Shell Corporate Revolution (and ideas on how to spread and launch potentially tens of thousands of peaceful and positive corporate revolutions to spread long-overdue justice and lasting change to potentially billions of marginalised people around the world)”, reads as follows.

We should emphasise a few key points with respect to this ‘undercover’ method described here:

  • It is absolutely necessary to have some insider access to these corporations in order to achieve any meaningful change. Far more meaningful change can be accomplished if you are employed with a corporation you despise and use your insider access to launch a corporate revolution than if you remain on the outside as an unheard critic.
  • Obviously, keep quiet when you obtain and distribute the corporate employee contacts. Ideally, your members should remain completely anonymous and stay on the inside for as long as possible to obtain maximum effect for the long haul of the corporate revolution that you launch. Corporations can also be extremely powerful machines, so it is likely in the best interest of your members who are assisting with the corporate revolution to stay anonymous for the purpose of self-preservation.
  • For your own safety, use this method ONLY in stable, democratic, Western countries. This means that your members should only get these types of undercover jobs with corporate offices that are located in stable, democratic, Western countries. The contact list you download from Corporation A, Corporation B, and Corporation C can be a global contact list, but make sure that the physical location where your members are employed (sic) are only in stable, democratic, Western countries.
  • Keep in mind that to obtain insider access to an entire corporate employee contact list, it is very likely that your members need only to obtain basic entry-level employment in these corporations. For example, relatively easy-to-obtain corporate jobs such as a secretary, bookkeeper, or basic office assistant should suffice.
  • You do not need a whole lot of your members to become undercover corporate employees. A few members will likely be enough in order to download an entire corporate employee contact list. Even one inside member could theoretically obtain an entire (sic) corporate employee contact list by himself or herself.
  • Obviously, when your members are applying for corporate employment, they should omit any information regarding their real employment and affiliation with your NGO or activist group in order to get the corporate job.
  • When your members become undercover insider corporate employees, it is important that they (your members) at least pretend that they are excited and happy to work for the corporation in order to remain employed throughout the corporate revolution.
  • Obviously, your members should download (sic) the corporate employee contact lists in complete secret – no one from the corporation that they work undercover for should find out. If someone else from the corporation does find out by accident or due to circumstances beyond your members’ control, your members can say that they were just trying to learn and experiment with the corporate employee contact software for learning purposes in order to become a more knowledgeable (sic) and valuable long-term corporate employee.


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