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Why can’t those geniuses at Shell think of something like this?



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New Toilet Turns Human Waste Into Electricity and Fertilizer‎‏

Why can’t those geniuses at Royal Dutch Shell think of something like this ??? Maybe RD Shell needs to invest in the Loo market.

Think of all the natural gas that can be generated and recycled.

How many trillions of cubic meters of gas found in conventional geologic gas fields is an invention like this worth ???

Perhaps we are getting a peek at the future for modern sewage disposal where billions upon billions of cubic feet of natural gas are recovered from human waste daily. How much of this bio-gas does a city like London or New York or Paris, etc. produce on a daily basis ???

Is this the beginning of some sort of energy revolution where we get a significant amount of our energy from Loo-Poo ???

This new technology may prove to be quite popular. Not only does it recover natural Poo gas, but it will prevent that gas from entering the atmosphere as the greenhouse gas methane. And Poo gas is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Let us not forget agri-business. Cow poo, pig poo, chicken poo, etc., could be recycled as well. And critter poo is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions as well.

Maybe Poo recycling is something RD Shell management needs to consider, being that it is an energy company focusing it future on ‘gas’ resources. The resource is renewable and has vast untapped potential. Poo Gas. The term has a nice ring to it. RD Shell could be the largest recycler and producer of Poo Gas if they got a jump on the market.

It is a natural given how ‘full of it’ Royal Dutch Shell is anyway.

In any event, this is POO for thought.

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