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Message to Shell HR EVP, Upstream Americas: Wake Up Culpepper, start listening for a change!


Mr Culpepper strikes again and tells senior leaders to suck it up and support the new Shell Real Estate vision of the future. The new open concept is a tremendous step backwards for all of those less than LC but is widely supported by senior management.

So Culpepper, why do you not listen to the staff on these issues, is it just pure arrogance when you totally ignore the last three years of Shell People surveys, which quite obviously show you that people DISLIKE their working conditions. Instead SRE go off on a multi million-dollar campaign to plant trees and flowers to make Alcatraz Woodcreek Branch look appealing.

The truth of the matter it that it is the inside which needs to be changed. Do you really think we like sitting three feet away from each other. Are we expected to lay eggs next?

Where is the Employee Value Proposition which has been quoted so often in the past? In my opinion it has been so eroded and then you wonder why we struggle to recruit new staff. How many graduates would be thrilled when they see their new portable office ! No desk of their own just a portable container.

Wake Up Culpepper, start listening for a change.

Oh and while I am ranting do you really think Upstream people want a picture of a gas station as a long service award !! I recently got my 10 year award and was so disappointed it went in the trash. A gas station!!!! Just shows you how out of touch HR is as well.


There was a day when Shell USA handed out a Rolex wrist watch for the 10th year anniversary of loyal service. After that they handed out diamonds that went on the watch for every additional 5 years of service, I believe. I did stay around long enough. Shell has really gone down the tubes if all they hand out for 10 years of service is crap like photos. They might cost $10.

And while I am making comments, when I first went to work for Shell I had my very own office, with a real desk, 3 office chairs, a large book case for my technical reference material (I am an engineer) and two full sized filing cabinets, along with a private phone line. Hello???? What the F*** is HR up to these days. Get your heads out of your backsides and breath some good air for a change.


TO: “Regular Contributor” – Could you please let me know when Shell US presented Rolex watches to commemorate a service anniversary. This is the first I ever heard of this and I have great grandparents, grand parents, parents and relatives that have worked for Shell and never heard of this. I do agree with your comments about Shell totally and completely ignoring the results of the Shell People Survey. Like Culpepper, the Survey is a joke.

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