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An Apology

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 06.47.44By John Donovan

Many of our visitors will have encountered problems accessing this website in recent days.

Since Saturday night the site has once again been under exceptional traffic loads as a result of further denial of service attacks by an unknown party – and has repeatedly been forced offline. 

As a consequence, we are currently upgrading the server and at the same time also adding new features.

Please bear with us while this work is underway.

The Shell Blog is not working at the moment and postings made yesterday, including a posting by an irate “uscitizen” and my unreserved apology to him for wrongly accusing him of making postings using multiple aliases, are not shown, but will be republished in full, as soon as the Shell Blog and the website is fully functional.

We have received a sinister email overnight, also sent to Peter Voser at Shell and other apparent corporate targets, making threats. Unclear why we were on the circulation list.


Since it seems that it may take some time to restore the site, including the Shell Blog, to full functionality, I have posted here the relevant posting that I made about “uscitizen”, plus his justifiably irate response and my subsequent apology.

My Posting

JOHN DONOVAN: “Shellwatcher” is but one of many aliases used by this person, who most often posts under the alias “uscitizen”. The use of multiple aliases is meant to deceive us and other visitors. He does not have enough courage to make postings under his real name and is totally lacking in scruples and integrity. He should use the alias “troll”. A thoroughly unpleasant devious individual.

Response by “uscitizen” on May 29th, 2013 at 14:26

And this is the guye who waxes on about principles. I will testify to the highest authorities that I have never posted under any handle but uscitizen. Tell me John, it is real easy to check IP addresses, how did you validate that I post under different handles. Simple you did not. The bottom line is that you LIED. You are an unethical person. And you insulted 95% of your posters who post with a handle and not their name, DUH! You have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt all that I have accused you of, lying to make your case. You are shameful. And the best part is that when you read this, YOU will know that you have been caught. VALIDATION, great stuff. Lets see how you try to spin and lie about this. Tell folks how you validated that shellwatcher and uscitizen are the same poster, YOU cant!! And you accuse folks of integrity problems??

REPLY BY JOHN DONOVAN: us citizen, you are partly right. I have not lied, but I was entirely mistaken in accusing you of using multiple aliases to post comments. Someone else did so, including using the alias usacitizen, that I wrongly thought was you. Consequently you are entitled to and have my unreserved apology, whoever you are. As far as I can see you have always used the same IP address for all of your postings (stretching back to at least 2011). and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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