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Bill Campbell comments on OPL 245 Statement by Shell Legal Director Donny Ching

Chronology is important is it not!

The international law firm reported to the RDS board in July 2016 but the emails confirming Shell knew money was going to individuals was not exposed till April 2017 a year later and was confirmed by the statement from the Shell spokesman to be an accepted fact in his 10th April 2017 press statement.

So did the international law firm who we are to assume gave a positive message to the Board have no knowledge of these emails in 2016?

Ching seems to be living in the world of alternative facts, his statements in the article above that Shell had no visibility into all this and payments were made without their prior knowledge or authorisation by Shell totally contradicts what RDS has already admitted on record in April this year.

About Bill Campbell

Bill Campbell is a retired HSE Group Auditor of Shell International quoted from time to time in several newspaper articles about Shell safety issues. He was also responsible for the setting up of an all-party group of MP’s concerned about Shell’s safety record on North Sea oil platforms and in particular the Touch F*** All culture, which led to the deaths of Shell employees. As a direct consequence of Mr Cambell’s intervention, Malcolm Brinded was issued with a letter of reprimand by the then Royal Dutch Shell Plc CEO, Jeroen van Der Veer. Undeterred, Brinded went on to play a key role in the OPL 245 scandal. and its sister websites, and are all owned by John Donovan

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