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Big Oil Bets on LNG For Emerging Market Growth

Extracts from an article by Bob Ciura published 16 April 2014 by The Motley Fool Chevron, Anadarko, and Royal Dutch Shell each have huge LNG operations that are ideally suited to supply the emerging markets. Royal Dutch Shell announced it had reached a five or six year agreement to supply Kuwait with its own LNG. […]

Extractive industries: will they ever publish what they pay?

Extracts from an article by Oliver Balch published by The Guardian Tuesday 15 April 2014 Though corrupt regimes may be reluctant to disclose payments, progressive voices from the oil industry are making change happen. Oil giants such as Shell and Chevron have signed up to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative’s pro-disclosure guidelines, requiring them to […]

Greenland in transition

Extracts from an article by Nick Snow published 14 April 2014 by Oil & Gas Journal Greenland expects its oil, gas, and minerals to be crucial as it continues its gradual transition to independence, its first US representative said on Apr. 3. “We have begun developing our oil and gas,” noted Inuuteq Holm Olsen, who […]

U.S. eyes European safety standards for oil refineries

Extracts from an article by Susan Buchanan published 14 April 2014 in “The Louisiana Weekly” and The Huffington Post Oil refiners can learn from Europe as they try to reduce accidents at plants in Louisiana and other states, U.S. safety experts say. After a string of disasters, President Obama issued an executive order last August […]

In 2 to 3 years gazillionaires will be coming out of Africa

Extract from an article by Nicholas Norbrook published 27 March 2014 by THE AFRICA REPORT Kola Karim, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Shoreline Energy International spoke to The Africa Report. Q: Shell and Chevron are getting out of onshore operations. How big is this and where is it leading? A: These guys […]

Shell undergoing massive sell off to fix its balance sheet

Extracts from an article poublished Monday 24 March 2014 by MarketWatch under the headline: Ghana’s Jubilee Points to Best Offshore Acreage in the World LONDON / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2014 / The oil industry hasn’t started off 2014 with a bang. The oil majors – ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, BP – all posted […]

Will an Emboldened Russia Hurt Shell and Chevron?

Extracts from an article by Reuben Brewer published on 23 March 2014 by The Motley Fool under the headline: Will an Emboldened Russia Hurt This Major Industry? Russia is a complex beast and is often hard for Western nations to understand. The latest bit of world drama that the country has caused is, effectively, making […]

Big Oil Drowning in Extremely High Project Costs

Extracts from a Matt DiLallo article published 17 March 2014 by The Motley Fool Big oil has a big problem. Cost overruns around the globe are calling into question the commercial viability of many megaprojects. When Gorgon was approved, the project was expected to cost about $37 billion. However, late last year, Chevron raised the […]

Shell casts doubt on Chevron’s Gorgon gas field start date

Extract from a BusinessDay article by Angela Macdonald-Smith published 15 March 2014 Royal Dutch Shell has cast doubt on the start-up schedule for Chevron’s $US54 billion ($59.6 billion) Gorgon liquefied natural gas project in Western Australia, signalling it expects production to begin in 2016, at least six months after Chevron’s official start-up date. Shell – […]

Selection of links to Shell related articles

Selection of links to Shell related articles kindly supplied by a regular contributor Shell starts commercial US output of new motor oil made from … Hydrocarbon Processing-21 hours ago Shell refers to its novel motor oil process as PurePlus technology, a patented process of converting natural gas into a clear base oil, which is … Back in oil shale Grand Junction Sentinel-10 hours ago Shell, Chevron […]

Cash All Gone

Extracts from an article by Jim Landers published on 10 March 2014 by The Dallas Morning News under the headline: “Petroleum project costs worldwide benefit Texas prospect” The cost of developing the world’s largest oil and natural gas fields has reached heights straining the budgets of even the largest oil companies. Royal Dutch Shell, Exxon […]

Big oil counts the cost of tapping new discoveries

Extract from an excellent article by Ed Crooks of The Financial Times published 6 March 2014 The issue has come to a head after three years in which the price of crude has drifted down… while costs have continued to rise. Chevron’s and ExxonMobil’s shares have both risen by 11 per cent in the past […]

Ukraine queries Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron shale deals

Extract from an article by Pavel Polityuk and Tom Bergin of Reuters, published on 4 March 2014 by The Chicago Tribune Ukraine queries shale deals as Yanukovich era under scrutiny KIEV/LONDON (Reuters) – Commercial deals concluded by Ukraine during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovich are already coming under scrutiny, less than two weeks since he […]

Big oil players BP, Shell, Chevron, Exxon & others accused of profiting from polluting

The Legal Examiner: Article by Tom Young: February 18, 2014 In a story first reported by Reuters’ Mica Rosenberg, nearly all of the major oil producing companies have been accused of defrauding numerous states by double-dipping when passing along the costs of replacing dilapidated and leaking fuel storage tanks. FULL ARTICLE