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Shell’s Soccer Field Greenwash

From a Forbes article by Alex Epstein: Shell’s “Footstep-Powered” Soccer Field Will Never Work Oil giant Shell claims in its #makethefuture campaign that it is promoting renewable energy and helping a poor community in Brazil by bringing it “the world’s first football pitch powered by footsteps.” It has told 1.6 million YouTube viewers and counting […]

BP and Shell urged to stop using shareholders’ money to fund libertarian lobby group

Extract from a This is Money/Daily Mail article by Rob Davies published 2 June 2014 BP and Shell have been urged to stop using shareholders’ money to fund a US lobby group that promotes looser gun laws and the teaching of climate change denial in schools. The oil firms are members of the secretive American Legislative […]

Shell environmental rhetoric, vs toxic reality

Introductory flowery rhetoric in a 1958 Shell advert: Shell Guide to LIFE IN THE CORN “In the growing and ripening stages corn and hay are a sanctuary for wild life which man does not invade.” The advert concludes with the slogan: “You can be sure of SHELL The Key to the countryside.” Presumably this was […]

Shell the brand most targeted by activist

Shell Most Targeted By Activists Finds Global NGO Monitor Arun Sudhaman 29 Jun 2012 LONDON–Shell has become the brand most targeted by activist groups, according to a digital service that tracks NGO campaigns worldwide. Sigwatch, which monitors more than 4,000 activist groups globally, is expanding its service via a new website that provides a greater […]

Classic International concert REAPS what Shell sponsorship sows.

LONDON RISING TIDE PROTEST AT SHELL GREENWASHING Hot on the heels of their appearance at the Shell vs. Bodo case at the High Court, activists from London Rising Tide, staged a protest in and outside the Royal Festival Hall on Saturday 23rd June, highlighting the greenwashing of shell’s tardy image through cultural sponsorship in their […]

Digital assault on Shell

By John Donovan The Financial Times has published an article under the headline “How Shell was hijacked in ad hoax.“ Extracts It is part of a web campaign jointly orchestrated by environmental group Greenpeace, activist organisation Yes Lab and members of the Occupy Wall Street movement to rally against Shell’s Arctic drilling programme. The digital […]

Evidence File

EVIDENCE FILE Litigation Against Shell New York Times: “Shell Oil Shareholders Awarded $110 Million”13 December 1990New York Times: “Shell Settles Dumping Suit for $3 Million”: 9 February 1995 New York Times: “New Settlement In Plumbing Suit”: 9 November 1995 New York Times: “SHELL SETTLES ROYALTIES CASE FOR $33.5 MILLION”: 21 March 2002 Mail On Sunday: […]


Action Ad (a) must not appear again in its current form. Ad (b) must not be broadcast again in its current form. We told Shell to ensure that they held adequate substantiation for their advertising claims in future. Shell UK Ltd Shell Centre London SE1 7NA Date: 19 October 2011 Media: Radio, Direct mail Sector: […]

Shell ads banned over fuel claims

19 October 2011 Shell has been criticised for exaggerating a promotion for cost-cutting fuels. The company has been banned from using two of its adverts which promote a money-saving fuel because they have been ruled to be misleading. A direct mailing advert, sent in March, said Shell scientists had developed a regular fuel to help […]

Court adjourns case against Shell

A Federal High Court sitting in Lagos on Thursday adjourned till February 3 further hearing in the suit filed by a Lagos-based arms dealer, Gabriel Akinluyi, against Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC). Mr Akinluyi had in 1994 sued SPDC over an alleged breach of contract on arms deal. The plaintiff, who also joined XM Federal […]


The Office of Inspector General concluded an investigation based on a complaint that Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) received preferential treatment during the awarding of oil shale Research, Development, and Demonstration (RDD) leases in 2005 and 2006 by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Since former Secretary Gale Norton subsequently secured employment with Shell, we expanded our investigation to consider her involvement…

Shell BP Merger? A perfect fit

By John Donovan Updated 18 July 2010 Why all the talk of an American predator devouring a fatally wounded BP? Royal Dutch Shell and BP have a shared corporate culture that makes for a perfect fit. For many decades Shell and BP traded as a single entity in the UK under the name of Shell-Mex […]

Has Shell’s advertising budget been wisely spent?

FIRST PUBLISHED IN JUNE 2010 Shell’s latest corporate advertisement followed by candid commentary/analysis by Paddy Briggs (right)… LET’S DELIVER ENERGY FOR A CHANGING WORLD. LET’S GO Today’s consumers are smarter than ever about energy. Naturally they want it to heat, cool and light their homes, get them to work, and power their mobile phones. But […]

Shell decides to “stick to its knitting”

Posting by former Shell Executive Paddy Briggs on the article “Shell defends continued focus on fossil fuel-paper“: Mar 2nd, 2010 at 11:20 am Tom Peters seminal book “In Scarce of Excellence” was first published in 1982 and in it there were eight themes for success in business one of was “Stick to the knitting” – […]

Shell: We are serious about meeting climate challenges

…in mid-December, the Gazette reported that the California Air Resources Board (ARB) recently released data indicating the Martinez Shell petroleum refinery was the state’s second worst polluter of greenhouse gases — particularly carbon dioxide — in 2008. According to the agency, a subdivision of California Environmental Protection Agency, last year the facility discharged 4.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and other gases into the atmosphere, contributing to the entrapment of solar radiation and warming of the planet’s surface.

Shell’s promise of a bright future turns out to be yet another false dawn

Fred Pearce, Thursday 17 December 2009 07.00 GMT Shell drip-feeds its environmental ‘credentials’ to the public. Photograph: James Boardman Editors must love Shell. Almost whatever I have read about climate change and the UN talks in Copenhagen in recent weeks, it has been flanked by the familiar Shell logo somewhere in the background. From […]

The skeletons in Shell’s closet

In June, the company agreed to pay $15.5 million to settle a lawsuit that alleged complicity in murder, torture and other human rights abuses by Nigeria’s former military government. In 1995, the Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwawas was hanged by Nigeria’s military regime after protesting Shell’s environmental practices, including gas flaring and the destruction of mangroves to make way for pipelines.

Greenwash Offenders Shell in US climate change controversy

By John Donovan The Financial Times reports today that the US oil industry is split on the question of climate change. The split has been revealed from a leaked memo issued to its members by the American Petroleum Institute, which represents the US oil industry, including core members ExxonMobil, BP, ConocoPhillips and Shell. According to […]

Shell not a “hoodlum organisation” says its Company Secretary, Michiel Brandjes

This self-explanatory email correspondence is published simultaneously with the article: “Former Shell Group Auditor says Shell is a hoodlum organisation”

File of outspoken articles about Royal Dutch Shell 2004 – 2009

File of outspoken articles about Royal Dutch Shell published by this website since 2004.

Peter Voser’s message to Shell staff presages a gloomy future for all of Shell’s employees and stakeholders

Posted on May 28th, 2009 by Paddy Briggs Shell’s CEO designate Peter Voser would have to have been terminally naïve to assume that his extraordinary internal Email to staff would not immediately be placed in the public domain – as indeed it was within minutes of its transmission. Assuming that Voser knew exactly what he is doing let’s […]

Shell faces legal fight over alleged human rights abuse and pollution

Jeroen van der Veer’s tenure as chief executive ends amid outcry over bonuses, environmental record and human rights abuses

Shell Blog Posting: The world’s biggest polluters are China, India and America, not Shell

SHELL BLOG POSTING MUSAINT: Greenpeace & Friends of the Earth describe Shell “as the most polluting oil company”. Does this : (i) take into account that Shell is a larger worldwide operator than most? and (ii) take account that Shell has partners in most ventures? (i.e. is their partners % deducted from Shell’s numbers?). I […]

Shell’s institutionalised delusion

Comment by former Shell Exec Paddy Briggs on: “Climate change summit hijacked by world’s biggest polluter Shell, critics claim” Paddy Briggs on May 25th, 2009 at 9:36 am  Another example of Shell’s institutionalised delusion that they are a player in the debate on the global energy future. At its most venal this was characterised by […]

Shell Is Second In The Climate Greenwash Awards 2009

ASNS News Monday, 25 May 2009 Shell was announced “second” to a Swedish energy giant – Vattenfall as the winner of the Climate Greenwash Award 2009 (dissemination of misleading information to conceal its abuse of the environment in order to present a positive public image) at a ceremony in Copenhagen on Saturday May 23, on the eve of the World Business Summit on Climate […]

Climate change summit hijacked by world’s biggest polluter Shell, critics claim

Climate change summit hijacked by biggest polluters, critics claim • Shell could help shape post-Kyoto agenda • Majority of attending firms want ‘business as usual’ Terry Macalister,,  Monday 25 May 2009 A vital meeting in Copenhagen this weekend that will help shape the agenda for the most important climate change talks since the Kyoto protocol has been hijacked […]

Grease Monkeys: Exxon’s Slick Contribution to Renewable Energy

Big oil companies like Shell and BP may be in full retreat from renewable energy. That’s not stopping them from touting green credentials wherever they can.

GREENWASH – The drama and the reality

Posted on April 2nd, 2009 by Paddy Briggs  “He’s a PR man. For an oil company. That’s bottom of the list!  Below TV evangelist. Just above child molester.” Michael in “Greenwash” by David Lewis I have just been scanning through the last seven editions of “The Economist” newspaper – and as always it’s a very good […]

Green gauge

Power failure: Despite a series of adverts proclaiming an interest in clean power, Shell has announced it doesn’t plan to make any further investments in wind or solar energy

Shell and the shocking bonfire of its vanities

Does this story mean that you can’t believe a thing that Shell tells us in its communications? Sadly I think that it does and that it will be a long time, if ever, before you can believe a word that they say again.


Selections of links to news articles about Royal Dutch Shell GREENWASH activity involving deliberate deception, treating the public as mugs.

Greenwash: Shell betrays ‘new energy future’ promises

The energy company has sold out on its renewable investments, claiming they are ‘not economic’ Fred Pearce, Thursday 26 March 2009 10.29 GMT Shell has pulled back from its renewable investments, claiming they are ‘not economic’ Photograph: James Boardman/Public Domain Shell, I have to report, is the new Exxon. The company that back in […]

Clampdown on greenwash

David Norman, director of campaigns at WWF UK, whose complaint against an advertisement by Royal Dutch Shell last year was upheld by the ASA, gave the change in rules a cautious welcome.

BP, Shell Renewable Invest Cuts Make Business Sense

LONDON (Dow Jones)–BP PLC (BP) and Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSB.LN) have angered environmental groups by quietly cutting back their investment in renewable energy, but experts said the move reflects a business reality that is hard to contest.

Shoppers need clear labels to put a stop to ‘greenwash’

A complaint against Shell, which ran a newspaper advert depicting its refinery chimneys emitting flowers, was upheld by the advertising watchdog. Friends of the Earth complained about the advert, which ran with the slogan: “Don’t throw anything anyway. There is no away.”

Shell goes to paradise in search of cheap biofuel

Environmentalists fear that Shell’s efforts to go green could end up like Captain Cook on the shores of Kona – left to die in the surf.

Shell dumps wind, solar and hydro power in favour of biofuels

Until recently, Shell’s investment in wind power featured prominently in its corporate advertisements. FoE said the company’s move heralded a slightly more honest approach. “Shell is at least being a bit more honest about the fact they are a fossil fuel company. It has seen the limitations of the greenwash it was putting out a few years ago.”

Shell’s subtle switch from renewables to the murky world of ‘alternative’ energy

Shell’s spending on renewables – except biofuel – appears to have fallen from $200m a year to zero over the past nine years Comments (8) Question time … the Royal Dutch Shell headquarters in The Hague. Robin Utrecht/EPA So at last we have an explanation. During my video interview with Jeroen van der Veer, the chief executive […]

Toxic ethical ranking of Royal Dutch Shell

Out of 541 multinationals surveyed, Royal Dutch Shell has an overall ranking of 510, alongside the likes of the tobacco companies and Halliburton.

Shell Sued Over Texas Refinery Emissions

Environmental activists filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of citizens against Shell,reports the Houston Chronicle. Environment Texas Citizen Lobby and the Sierra Club claim Shell and many of its subsidiaries have released millions of pounds of excess toxic air pollutants along the Houston Ship Channel over the past five years

Shell Guide to LIFE IN THE CORN

A Shell advert published in Punch magazine on 2 April 1958 (Click on image to enlarge) Painting by John Leigh Pemberton MAIN TEXT In the growing and ripening stages corn and hay are a sanctuary for wild life which man does not invade. Here is cover and food for RABBITS (1) which have survived myxomatosis, […]

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