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Film of Royal Dutch Shell founder Sir Henri Deterding giving a Nazi salute

Video clip from a PBS TV Documentary adapted from Daniel Yergin’s book “The PRIZE: Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power. Published in 1992 by FREE PRESS ISBN 0-671-79932-0 The Prize (Part 2 of 8) – “Empires of Oil” Covers the story of Royal Dutch Shell. Includes, at just over 49 mins, film of Royal […]

Royal Dutch Shell leadership: Bring back Sir Henri Deterding

If only it was possible to resurrect Sir Henri Deterding at his best, the extraordinary Dutchman who built the Royal Dutch Shell Group. In his first couple of decades at Shell he was a brilliant decisive leader brimming with ambition, ideas and incredible determination. He would have acted to exploit BP’s self-inflicted misfortunes, whereas Van […]

Deterding orders-Hitler acts

News reports from long ago are emerging on the Internet as newspapers create digital searchable online archives. This is a disastrous development for  companies such as Royal Dutch Shell that have been around for a long time and have a toxic history to hide. By John Donovan News reports from long ago are emerging on […]

Shell and the Dutch fascists: A study in black

We have to keep in mind that it was not only Sir Henri Deterding who was a keen supporter of the Nazi’s. In the 1930’s there were other Shell directors such as J.E.F. de Kok and *Wim Rost van Tonningen who were also keen supporters of Hitler and his henchmen. Guest Author: Ton Biesemaat (Dutch […]

Shell sharpens up its in-house army of 600 litigators

Lawyers are not business people, however large a lawyer’s experience may be, in the conduct of business he is absolutely useless. A lawyer placed at the head of a concern would soon bring the business to rack and ruin. By John Donovan The Lawyer reports today that “Royal Dutch Shell has launched a new global […]

When will Royal Dutch Shell apologize to the Jews?

The Sun newspaper published an article horrifically confirming, following a DNA test, that a lampshade bought at a New Orleans car boot sale is made from human skin. A gruesome relic from Nazi crimes against humanity in the 2nd World War. As the main financier of the Nazis, does Royal Dutch Shell bear any moral […]

Tainted history of the iconic Shell scallop logo

The iconic corporate logo used by Shell and the Nazis By John Donovan In 1904, the scallop shell or pecten replaced Shell Transport’s first marketing logo. In various forms it has remained in use ever since, becoming one of the best known corporate symbols in the world. The above information is taken from the: “The […]

Sir Henri Deterding of Shell donated millions of dollars in food to Nazi Germany

Photograph shows Swastika flag flying at the head office of Royal Dutch Petroleum, 30 Carel van Bylandtlaan , The Hague, (From Image Database Hague Municipal) By John Donovan Printed below is a rough translation of an article in a Dutch newspaper published on 28 December 1936 reporting a donation to Germany by Sir Henri Deterding […]

Royal Dutch Shell founder Deterding backed Nazi Stormtroopers

EXTRACT: “Shell was in a business partnership in Germany with the Nazi run company I.G. Farben, which manufactured and supplied the Zyklon-B gas to exterminate millions of people in the Holocaust. Under the circumstances, it can fairly be said that Deterding/Royal Dutch Shell contributed towards the gas bill.” By John Donovan The Sturmabteilung (SA) Stormtroopers, […]

‘YOU CAN BE SURE OF SHELL’: The biggest confidence trick in history

By John Donovan Many people fondly remember the advertising slogan… “You can be Sure of Shell” The legendary crooner, Bing Crosby, sung the praises of Shell in the 1950’s. MICHAEL HOLIDAY VERSION httpv:// Our research indicates that the slogan “YOU CAN BE SURE OF SHELL”… was first used in Great Britain by Shell in 1937 […]

Sir Henri Deterding and Adolf Hitler: Flirtation with disaster

EXTRACT FROM AN ARTICLE BY CHRISTIAN STADLER PUBLISHED TODAY BY FORTUNE 5 ways to keep your company alive March 7, 2011 In the years before World War II, Shell was very much a one-man-band led by Sir Henri Deterding. Under Deterding’s firm control, the group prospered but also flirted with disaster as he saw Adolf […]

Royal Dutch Shell four day meeting directly with Hitler

By John Donovan (last updated 24 Sept 2012) This posting provides a clarification to my recent article “Will Shell block Internet publication of its Nazi past?”. It is in relation to the following paragraph. Information in Shell’s own authorised history of the company confirms that Shell pumped funds into the Nazi in a variety of […]

Will Shell block Internet publication of its Nazi past?

Will Royal Dutch Shell carry out threat to block Internet publication of its connection with Hitler and the Nazis? By John Donovan I have printed below my recent email correspondence with Mr. Michiel Brandjes, the Company Secretary and General Counsel Corporate of Royal Dutch Shell Plc. As can be seen, it relates to Royal Dutch […]

Royal Dutch Shell and the Nazis: Shell threatens legal proceedings

By John Donovan Royal Dutch Shell has today threatened legal proceedings in relation to revelations published on this website about the funding of Hitler and the Nazi Party by Shell and Sir Henri Deterding. The Shell email says that Shell “reserves its legal rights, including with respect to copyright.” This means that Shell is threatening […]

Evidence of Shell’s Nazi past from Shell’s paid historians

Photograph shows Swastika flag flying at the head office of Royal Dutch Petroleum, 30 Carel van Bylandtlaan , The Hague, during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in World War II (From Image Database Hague Municipal) By John Donovan In a matter of days we will publish on the Internet all of the pages from […]

Royal Dutch Shell burying its past

Your website is a monumental ‘pain in the a..’ for RD Shell because you are always dragging the ‘dark side’ of the way Shell operates out into the light of day for all to see and examine. Comment from a former employee of Shell Oil USA I have comment to make about your recent revelations […]

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Controversy

Shown right: Pre-World War 2 staff meeting of Rhenania-Ossag (Royal Dutch Shell) employees in Hamburg Curio-Haus, Nazi Germany. Management included at least one Nazi official who remained employed by Shell after the war. Article by a former employee of Shell Oil USA Extract: “You folks need to wake up and critically examine how RD Shell […]


By Alfred Donovan and John Donovan ROYAL DUTCH SHELL NAZI SECRETS Displayed right is an article from the Dutch newspaper “Limburger Koerier”, headlined “SIR HENRI DETERDING”, plus a related receipt/note, both displayed on page 480 of “A History of Royal Dutch Shell” Vol 1. Related text printed on the same page. This extract from the […]


Evidence that Shell conspired directly with Hitler, financed the Nazi Party, was anti-Semitic and sold out its own Dutch Jewish employees to the Nazis Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets: Introduction Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 1: The Funeral Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 2: Financier of the Third Reich Royal Dutch Shell Nazi […]

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets: Introduction

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets: Introduction

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 8: Nazi connections

Dr. Georg Bell,(8) a German spy, was an agent of Sir Henri Deterding who acted initially as as an intermediary between Deterding and Adolf Hitler in forming an alliance between the oil titan and the Nazi leader. This was done to hide what the public might consider to be an “unsavory” relationship.(9)

Royal Dutch Shell Nazis Secrets Part 7: Why does it still matter?

The most important reason why it does still matter is that ordinary people, ethical investors, and relatives of victims of the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes against humanity, are entitled, on moral grounds, to be aware of this dark chapter in the history of Royal Dutch Shell, so that they can decide if they wish to hold shares in the company or purchase Shell products.

Royal Dutch Shell and the Nazis Part 5: Evidence of Shell/Deterding financial support for the Nazis

There are many published reports from reputable independent sources confirming the financial support Royal Dutch Shell/Deterding provided to the Nazis. The support was given in a variety of forms: money, oil on long term credit, food donations on a massive scale and revenues from Shell advertising in a Nazi newspaper.

Royal Dutch Shell and the Nazis Part 4: Royal Dutch Shell Anti-Semitism

Let us emphasize the gravity of what transpired. A Royal Dutch Shell group company instructed its own employees to declare information, which for some, amounted to a death warrant.

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 2: Financier of the Third Reich

Any major company in existence for over 100 years is bound to have skeletons in the closet. In the case of Royal Dutch Shell, it is arguably over 30 million deaths(1) arising from the oil giants funding of the Nazi party prior to the advent of the 2nd World War. The horrific fatalities includes over 5.7 millions Jewish Holocaust deaths. Royal Dutch Shell Group funds injected by its Director General and founder, Sir Henri Deterding, saved the Nazi Party from collapse.

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 1: The Funeral

‘In the name and on the instructions of the Fuhrer, I greet thee, Heinrich Deterding, the great friend of the Germans.’

Royal Dutch Shell and the Nazi (updated with report of 4 day meeting between Deterding and Hitler)

LONDON, Oct. 25.-It is reported confidentially from Berlin that the object of Sir Henry Deterding’s recent visit to Chancellor Hitler at Berchtesgaden, where he stayed for four days, was to discuss the conditions for granting a monopoly to the Royal Dutch and Shell Companies of petrol distribution in Germany for a long period of years.

Royal Dutch Shell, Tom Cruise, YouTube and Hitler

What is less well known is the Royal Dutch Shell connection with Hitler and the Nazi. It is one of those episodes in Shell’s history, such as the recent multibillion-dollar reserves fraud, which the oil giant would prefer to forget.

Buy our £25 million stately home and we will throw in half the village

Built by Dutch oil industrialist Sir Henri Deterding, who founded Royal Dutch Shell, the Grade II listed manor house was re-built in 1914 in the style of a grand hunting lodge featuring trophy room and banqueting hall.

Lady Lydia Deterding and Hitler


Oil behemoth that must evolve

Extract from The Observer 20 December 1998 page 34 Article headline: Oil behemoth that must evolve Our pdf file The Observer 20 December 1998 Page 34

Naval officer son of oil king missing

DAILY EXPRESS: Naval officer son of oil king missing: 1 October 1940 Page 3 EXTRACT Naval officer son of oil king missing Lieutenant Henry Deterding, R.N.V.R. reported missing while serving with the Fleet Air Arm, yesterday, is the son of the late Sir Henri Deterding, the oil king and the man Hitler once described as […]

Sir Henri Deterding described by Hitler as a ‘great friend of the germans’

The Glasgow Herald 1 October 1940 page 3

Deterding substantial cash payments to the Nazi Party

The Bee: Danville, Va., Tuesday, February 13/1940 Editorial Section Page 6 NATIONAL WHIRLIGIG BY RICHARD WALDO and GABRIEL VOGLIOTTI EXTRACT Up to the end of December -Shell made deliveries of oil products to Germany In fulfillment of its regular contracts. This operation caused no stir among insiders who know the background of the story. It […]

Sir Henry Deterding: £250,000 FOR A BABY

Daily Mirror: £250,000 FOR A BABY: 20 March 1939 Page 13 EXTRACT EIGHT weeks after the death, of her seventy-year-old millionaire husband, Lady Charlotte Deterding, aged forty, has given birth to a daughter in a Berlin nursing home. Under the terms of her oil-magnate husband’s will the child will inherit about a quarter of a […]

Sir Henri Deterding gave 7 ½ million marks to Hitler in 1929

The Milwaukee Sentinel: 16 March 1939 Extract: The Late Sir Henri Deterding, the biggest oil man of them all, gave 7 ½ million marks to Hitler in 1929 SOURCE ARTICLE

Deterding one of the original financial backers of the Nazi movement

THE ERA, BRADFORD, PA., TUESDAY, MARCH 7, 1939 Extract from above newspaper article… The last honors bestowed upon the late Sir Henri Deterding by high German officials furnish eloquent confirmation of the story that he was one of the original financial backers of the Nazi movement. A Dutchman by birth and nationality, he attained the […]

Hitler sends wreath

Daily Express: Hitler sends wreath: Front Page: 11 February 1939 Hitler sends wreath Daily Express Staff Reporter BERLIN, Friday.- Hitler has sent a wreath with a red, white and black ribbon worded “Adolf Hitler,” to the funeral today of Sir Henri Deterding, multi-millionaire Dutch oil king, who died last Saturday.


DETERDING BURIAL PLANS Oil Operator’s Body to Be Taken to His German Estate ST. MORITZ, Switzerland, Feb. 6 (AP).–The family of Sir Henri Deterding gathered at the Swiss villa where he died unexpectedly Saturday to take the body of the 72-year-old Netherlands-born oil operator back to his estate at Dobbin, Mecklenburg, Germany, for burial. His […]

Oil king will be buried in Germany

Daily Express: Oil King will be buried in Germany: 7 February 1939 Page 11 Oil king will be buried in Germany Daily Express Correspondent GENEVA. Monday.- The two sons of Sit Henri Deterding, the oil magnate, who died on Saturday, were expected to fly to St. Moritz yesterday, but arrived tonight by train with other […]


Daily Express 7 February 1939 page 11 Divorced, went to live in Germany Daily Express Staff Reporter SIR HENRI DETERDING, the oil king, once estimated to have a personal fortune of £25,000,000, has left practically nothing in England. FULL ARTICLE: Daily Express 6 Feb 1939 Page11

Rockefeller of Europe, Sir Henry Deterding, Dies

THE OSHKOSH NORTHWESTERN, MONDAY FEBRUARY 6, 1939 Page 7 EXTRACTS Son of Sea Captain Rises in Meteoric Career in Fashion Comparable to Horatio Alger Tales – Strong Pro-Nazi and Bitter Russia Opponent Carves Way to Success. He became an ardent nazi after Adolf Hitler attained power in Germany. Deterding immediately saw the possibilities and set […]


The Montreal Gazette Monday 6 February 1939 Page 14 SIR HENRI DETERDING EXTRACTS Netherlands – born Magnate Built Up Royal Dutch Petroleum Company Was Ardent Hitler Supporter and Foe of Soviet Sir Henri, who possesses a personal fortune estimated at between $150,000,000 and $200,000,000, retired from the direction of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company. He […]

Sir Henri Deterding: 9s.-a-Week to Millions

Daily Mirror: 9s.-a-Week to Millions: 6 February 1939 Page 7 Oil King Sir Henri Deterding, seventy two, who died at St. Moritz, Switzerland, began as a nine-shillings-a-week bank clerk and rose to riches so great that eventually he matched dollar for dollar with Rockefeller. Sir Henri was a Dutchman. He was knighted by the British […]

Deterding millions in Germany

Daily Express Front Page article 6 February 1939 Deterding millions in Germany THE personal fortune of Sir Henri Deterding, multi-millinaire oil king, who died after a hear attack on Satuarday, is believed to be in Germany, where he went to live after his divorce in 1936. PAGE ELEVEN

Dutch Shell Head Dies In Holland

SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS Dutch Shell Head Dies In Holland: Sunday 5 February 1939 EXTRACTS Sir Henri Wilhelm August Deterding was an outstanding figure in world financial affairs because of his role as guiding genius of the great Royal Dutch Petroleum Company, of which he remained a director after retiring from the post of director-general. He […]


We are also told that he finances Hitler, backs Franco, and admires Mussolini. Evening Post (New Zealand): 3 September 1938, page 26 A life of Sir Henri Deterding has been written by Glyn Roberts, and to this biography, which is published by Convici Frieda, of New York, he has given the title of “The Most […]

BIG OILMAN: A Leftist Life of Sir Henri Deterding of Royal Dutch Shell

THE GALVESTON DAILY NEWS: BIG OILMAN: A Leftist Life of Sir Henri Deterding of Royal Dutch Shell: SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 1938 Page 19 EXTRACTS The author believes that the enormous financial and political power wielded by a really big-shot capitalist like Deterding is a very dangerous influence in world affairs – and particularly when such […]

Sir Henri Deterding Is the Arch-Villain in This Biography

THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL: Sir Henri Deterding Is the Arch-Villain in This Biography: SUNDAY 12 June 1938 Page 3 EXTRACT THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD. By Glyn Roberts. Two years ago Sir Henri Deterding, the Anglo-Dutch oil king and head of the Royal Dutch-Shell Group, retired ad director general of the Royal Dutch unit, […]

GERMANY: Petticoat Philanthropy? Monday, Jan 11, 1937 GERMANY: Petticoat Philanthropy? Sir Henri, who was knighted by King George V in 1920, has for many years had his chief residence in London’s swank Mayfair, but last week he was sitting in his new house near the German capital and showed signs of developing into a good Berliner. His […]