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We are also told that he finances Hitler, backs Franco, and admires Mussolini.

Evening Post (New Zealand): 3 September 1938, page 26

A life of Sir Henri Deterding has been written by Glyn Roberts, and to this biography, which is published by Convici Frieda, of New York, he has given the title of “The Most Powerful Man in the World.”

This “amazing story of the dictator, nobody knows” – to use the author’s own – phrase – breathes sensationalism from the title to the last page. Sir Henri is “the sole surviving specimen ·of the one-man trust… whose personal whims and prejudices have had a great deal to do with the fate of Governments, of huge commercial enterprises, and of millions of dollars of investments.”

Foreseeing the role that oil was to play in the world, he is “the oilman whose major policy is to conserve reserves abroad while draining those of the United States-for which he is well loved by the British Admiralty.”

We are also told that he finances Hitler, backs Franco, and admires Mussolini. He is the man who, although still a Dutch citizen, is a major factor in the foreign policy of the country upon which the peace of’ the world depends -Great Britain.

He is the man whose word holds the power of life and death over millions. He is the most powerful man in the world.”

This book might well be added to the “Believe it or not” series.

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