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Allseas Founder Edward Heerema Beaten Up In Dubai


18 December 2007


Oil millionaire Edward Heerema has recently been severely beaten on his vacation in Dubai by a Russian, please note the eyes of the police. A single blow delivered double jaw fracture, three broken and choose a concussion. 

Edward Heerema sat in the lounge of the luxurious Jumeirah Beach Hotel , when his attention was drawn by four Russian children who misbehaved. He spoke to them several times on their behavior, and when that did not help, Edward Heerema complained to the manager. Eventually he retired but back in his hotel room.

There he was called by the manager, who wanted to talk it incident with the father of the children, in the presence of the now police arrived. But when the Russian Edward Heerema saw coming, he thought for a moment and hit him in the face so hard that he flew through the air; “The blood splattered all over the place!”, says the Telegraph . The Russian could be arrested right away, but Edward Heerema is no longer able to work normally.

It is noteworthy that the millionaire was so vulnerable because he has four bodyguards normally. He also refused to cooperate with his listing in the Fortune 500, “Due to security, we do very little publicity in the Netherlands, says his PR manager. In Dubai, he walked around unprotected because he imagined safe at this top hotel. The Fortune 500 is Edward Heerema in place 43. The ability of him and his four brothers together amounted to € 550 million.

A better suggestion for a holiday destination is probably Aruba .

Edward Heerema is the son of Pieter Schelte Heerema , a pioneer in the Dutch offshore business. In World War II he was an officer of the Waffen-SS . In 1945 he was tried but not convicted because he took a year earlier from Nazism. In 1946 he moved to Venezuela, where he made ​​a fortune with seawater resistant concrete. In 1981 he died and his capital and business was divided among his five children. One now holds sway in the company while the other four went their separate ways.

Edward Heerema founded his own offshore company, called Allseas . That company is now working on the construction of a new transport ship that suddenly a complete rig should be able to lift it. In 2010, the € 1.3-billion colossus are ready. Edward Heerema will christen the ship ‘Pieter Schelte’, in honor of his father. Thus we have after 65 years called a ship back to a famous Nazi.

Heerema jr. Late in a reaction that Heerema sr. In the offshore industry is primarily known as a pioneer, and not so much as a Nazi. He benda press that there has been no conviction at trial. To this reason, there is, according to Heerema, also no reason not to mention a pioneer this ship.

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