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Live Chat postings of Guest 2340

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guest_2340 : 20080316d: “How much did Shell gained from the informations collated into one single source as provided by” An immediate answer was another leaked email subjected to verification. Shell can you provide shareholders with more excitement tomorrow over this most important question. What is value of Shell share from 2002 to 2008 & the forecast in the year ahead? Come summer, please tell us environmental damage from hydrocarbon leaks around Sahkalin II

guest_2340 : 20080317a: Mr. Ian Percival, I invited you to discuss weeks ago after your article was posted at this website. Why did it take so long and timed to this moment? Can you help to answer these questions for us? When did you become chief petroleum engineer for the Shell Group? Did you ever bring your concerns on outdated SEC rules to Shell top management and SEC? Tell us outcome!

guest_421 : 0080317b: On Jan 2008, I asked, “When did Shell become so patriotic especially when the company did not heed the recommendation of HRH the Queen of England to promote ethical business undertakings when doing businesses in another country? Did Shell take the UK Foreign Corrupted Act seriously?” Shell is saying again, “cooperating with active investigations” in UK, USA. SEC, Explain why is Davis, Polk & Wardwell report of 400+ pages were reduced to 200+ pages?

guest_2340 : 20080317c:I want to make it clear to Guest 1094, that I did not ask you any questions – so get lost! I have directed questions specifically to Mr. Iain Percival or Shell and hopefully a clearer understanding from discussions with known person,. If I was wrong, we can rectify them as adults & Iain can speak for himself. I insist Shell to comply with her General Business Principles or to formally declare dropping the SGBP so that Shareholders/stakeholders interests are protected.

guest_2340 : 20080317d: Shell, I read this interesting article “Bloomberg: Shell Relied on Canada Oil Sands to Offset Russian Reserve Loss” today 17th March 2008. When was the booking of ‘Canadian Oil Sands” approved and by which authorities were approval allowed? I may have missed out this bit of the approval process and appreciate your feedback for understanding. Maybe Iain can help: Which is the approved SEC booking document to follow now?

guest_2340 : 20080318b: What is Shell social responsibilities to the Nigerians in terms of health & environment? To global community, how does flaring affect the global temperature rise/receding icecaps? How will inhabitants living near coastal regions, wetlands & permafrost be affected? What happened to ocean waters? Will corals die off? Globally, how will different pressure cells affect the moisture distribution – floods and/or drought? How are all these occurrences affecting diseases and food supply?

guest_2340 : 20080318a: The article on 17 March 2008 said, “Bloomberg: Shell to give strategic update on its long-term projects and its reserve replacement ratio” What are the ramifications of these projects like the dire consequences of flaring gas in Nigeria? On Feb 2008, I shared, “In 1987 alone, Shell produced some 8,491,000,000 cubic meters gas of which some 5,453,000,000 cubic meters were flared”. Can you tell us the total amount of gas flared by Shell, operating in Nigeria alone? No Gtl?  

guest_2340 : 20080318c: “In 1987 alone, Shell produced some 8,491,000,000 cubic meters … some 5,453,000,000 cubic meters were flared”. Some 60% of gas produced were flared and sometimes could reach as much as 80%. Shell can you tell us if my information is correct or wrong? Guest 1094, I remind you once again that this is none of your business unless you tell me that you are the authorized spokesperson for Shell? You have to tell me if you are the spokesperson or else I will just ignore the vulgariti

guest_2340 : You have to tell me if you are the spokesperson or else I will just ignore the vulgarities in your postings from now on. and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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