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Don Marketing Bottle Label Game: CINZANO INSTANT ROULETTE




November 1983


CINZANO drinkers could be in for a bonanza this Christmas in a £100,000 prize promotion. A breakthrough, by promotional games specialist, Don Marketing, has created what is claimed to be the first ever scratchcard competition to appear on a bottle label.

Instant Roulette is the name of the game chosen by Cinzano and this could lead the way in a new field of on pack promotions. See page 4 for full details.

Page 4

First scratchcard competition on bottle labels is launched

CINZANO drinkers stand to win a share of a £100,000 prize in what is claimed to be the first ever scratchcard competition to be put on a bottle label.

Although this type of competition has proved to be popular as a promotional medium in many other areas, technical problems have in the past prevented them from actually being used on the packaging.

A new breakthrough, however, by promotional games specialist, Don Marketing, has now made this possible using a card that can be printed on to a back label. The success of this development means that many different products such as pet foods could now carry on pack promotions.

Instant Roulette is the name of the game devised specially for Cinzano and is intended to give a further boost to Cinzano sales in the all important run up period to Christmas. Nick Turnbull, marketing and sales director of Cinzano (UK) says: “Our sales have picked up substantially this summer and this first ever scratchcard competition on a bottle will help sustain that growth.”

However it has taken Don Marketing (43-45 Butts Green Road, Hornchurch, Essex – tel: 01-590 6688) several months to overcome the many technical difficulties involved.

Says John Chambers, managing director of Don Marketing: “With a competition of this type, every card is a potential winner and it is necessary to maintain security so that people cannot see through the card. In the past there has always been a concern that printing these competitions onto paper would be a security risk.”

The company decided to tackle this problem for Cinzano and overcame the security questions by printing on the back and front of the label in such a way as to make it impossible to decipher the game underneath the latex coating. The roulette table on the design obscures the results of the competition and the roulette chips are printed in a tinted black so they cannot be seen through.

The application of the labels also presented a problem since the whole of the rear Cinzano’ labels were gummed to the bottle.

This method of adhesion obviously could not be retained since the scratch off latex material would be ruined. Working with Cinzano engineers, Don Marketing designed the label in such a way that three edges of the labels are gummed leaving a reasonable area on which to print the game and allow the consumer to strip off the label without spoiling the play area.

Several printing operations are involved in the production of the labels, and Don Marketing works closely with specialist printers to supervise the production and supplies the printed labels to Cinzano ready for application.

Circle number: YIl-194

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Article starts on front page, continues on page 4. Separate photograph of Don Marketing Managing Director  John Chambers (shown left) and DM Chairman John Donovan. Cinzano Instant Roulette poster in background. 

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