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My prayers for Shell Stanlow employees

By Jo Blow (Real name, email address and full background information as a Shell insider supplied)


The revelations coming out of the UK concerning the sale of the Stanlow complex are a continued display of what happens when Executives fail to live up to the Company core values.  “People are our Greatest Asset”; how many of the employee’s in Stanlow are feeling a ring of truth to this statement?  The statement is at the heart of Royal Dutch Shell’s commitment to its code of conduct.  Yet time and again it appears that this code only applies to low level manager’s and employee’s.

Shell recently emerged at the top of the list for Worlds Largest Company, The previous holder of that prestigious place on the list is making its way lower on the list.  You can attribute some of Wal-Mart’s shrinking to the recession, however I would also suggest that Wal-Marts despicable actions towards its employee’s has also contributed to its slide.  At the core of every company, whether it is a small community business or a large multi-national corporation is it’s employee’s.  These employee’s are the front line on the battle between success and failure, between growth and decline.  It is not the Executives nor the Board of Directors that decide the fate of a company, it is the common man or woman in the trenches doing their job that makes the difference.  What would Shell be without its employee’s?  It would be a large holding company of Assets without anyone to develop them, doesn’t sound very profitable unless you are in the real estate business.

The thing that Mr. Voser and his team need to understand, and understand well is that the World is watching.  Their actions are not cloaked in secrecy, and Their Employee’s are watching.  How many of you folks remember the years between 2004 through 2007?  As I reflect on these specific years in recent history, I would characterize it best with just one word…”Pride”.  The business environment was astounding, record profits, People were happy and felt valued, and the company experienced significant growth.  Wow, what a roller coaster ride that was.  Where is the business environment today?  Most people understand the sour business environment we are faced with today, most of them would even accept with understanding the need to streamline the global portfolio and workforce if they were treated with respect, dignity, and timely communication.  The same folks may not really like the outcome, but I don’t expect that you would see the type of outrage that is surfacing now.  Remember Mr. Voser, your remaining 90,000 or so employees are watching!  I wonder if Mr. Voser will find the exercise of reviewing the 2010 People Survey to be as interesting as making all the SEG’s re-apply for their job?

To the folks at Stanlow and other affected sites throughout the world, My prayers go out to you in these trying times, Keep your chin up and hope for the best.  In the mean time share with your colleagues the existence of this site.  Through this site you have the power to express your feelings with the knowledge that the company is watching.  There will come a point when someone will recognize the negative impact and begin to make changes.

Many Thanks,
“Jo Blow”

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