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From a leaked Shell email: More Shell Appointments under Voser Restructuring

By John Donovan

Shell’s attempts at stemming the flow of leaked Royal Dutch Shell confidential information to this website using external security organizations, involving sinister “invisible” (covert) activity, has self-evidently been less than successful. The flow has increased substantially over recent months, as regular visitors and Shell management will have noticed.


It appears that the involvement of “external contacts”, with FBI connections, resulted from concern in June 2009 over postings on our Shell Blog relating to Tom Purves, a Shell / Motiva Vice President.  Mr Purves and his alleged cronies, collectively described as “The Motiva Mafia”, have been the subject of serious allegations from our contributors and remain the target of hostile postings.

The leaked information is of interest to Shell suppliers, the media and rival oil companies who are no doubt laughing themselves silly at the continuing predicament Shell is in. We will shortly publish Shell internal documents confirming that Shell decided long ago that it will never take legal action against us. Too much Shell “internal laundry” – some badly soiled and extremely smelly – to be aired in open court.

This is what Shell Media said to Fox News about us:

“John and Alfred Donovan well known in UK / Hague. They perceive Shell played them and so have made it their mission to embarrass, belittle and criticize Shell, which they do quite well. Their website, is an excellent source of group news and comment and I recommend it far above what our own group internal comms puts out.”

What a great endorsement that Shell never thought would fall into our hands.

The latest leaked information on Shell appointments is printed below.

Upstream International EC-3 Appointments

Upstream Malaysia HSE&SD Manager – Alaister Maiyor
UIA Manager Logistics – Azmi Mahras
UIA Manager Production – Gordon Ronaldson
UIA Wells Manager – Koos Koole
Upstream Systems, Assur. & Perform. Mngr – Krishna Bala
UIA Safety Manager – Mauricio Serrano
UIA Technology&Performance Manager – Min-Teong Lim
Manager Maintenance and Integrity – Mohamad Azmi
Upstream New Zealand HSE&SD Manager – Neil Harvey Burton
UIA Environment Manager – Sajali Hj-Kip
Asset Manager Sabah – Sharbini Suhaili
UIA Engineering Manager – Simon Ong
Upstream Philippines HSE&SD Manager – Teodoro Tinga
Upstream China HSE & SD Manager – William Zhang
UIA Sustainable Development Manager To be resourced later

Technical Lead-Gorgon, Wheatstone & Iago – Doug Blacklock
Prelude Safety Manager – Gerry Dixon
Operations Manager – Ginette MacIsaac
Prelude ECOP Manager – Ian Grose
Technical Assurance & Capability Manager – Marcel Pieren
Technical Lead – BCT & Sunrise – Martin Brown
Technical Lead – East Browse (Prelude) – Peter Unstead
Technical Lead – NWS Thiam-Guan Tan
HSE Management Lead To be resourced later

RXHM Russia, Caspian & Ukraine – Aafke Bouma
RXN MENA & XM NOV – Adrian Mellin
XM North Sea & Onshore – Bram Bruijn
Sustainable Development Manager-  David Harper
RXC Europe & SSA – Erik Mason
RXN Europe & SSA – Govert Van Beusekom
XM New Venture Operations – Graham Tiley
Regional HCM Manager M. East & N. Africa Gwendolyn Anson
XM Malaysia Hans-Jurg Meyer
RXC Australia / Discipline Advisor – Ian Wilson
Strategy & Portfolio Manager – Joachim Reinhardt
RXN Manager Asia & XM Small Ventures – John Voon
HCM Senior Manager – Jonathan Holroyd
New Play Development Manager – Joseph Brannan
Commercial Manager Kaj – Alexander Hemmes
Regional HCM Manager Europe & SS Africa – Leon Hoffman
RXC Russia, Caspian & Ukraine – Mario Mussini
RXC MENA – Mark Doyle
RXHM Asia – Mark Harvey
RXHM Australia Martijn Verwoerd
XM / RXN Manager Caspian – Menno de Ruig
New Venture Opportunity Delivery Manager – Michael Foley
TL Browse – Michael Harvey
TL Carnarvon – Neil Frewin
XM Russia – Nick Feast
GM / XM China – Patrick McVeigh
RXC Asia – Richard Barrett
HCM Portfolio Manager – Trey Nash

Discipline Head Operations & UI/UA CO2 – Andy Jackson
Asset Manager OneGas – Ante Frens
Project Director – Brent Decommissioning – Austin Hand
HSE Country Manager UK & Ireland – Chris Paul
SD & CO2/CCS Manager – Christiaan Luca
Technical Manager NOV Europe – David Kemshell
Regional Resource Volume Manager – Doug Connell
Discipline Head Maint/Int & GDH Logist. – Edwin Blom
Development Engineering Manager – Eelco Von Meyenfeldt
Prod. Perf. Lead & Op Excel. Coordinator – Greg Washington
HSE Country Manager Norway – Gro Cederlof
Audit Manager Upstream Europe – Heiner Gulbis
Functional Services Manager – Jaap Klein Nagelvoort
HSE Country Manager NL – Jakob Van der Wal
Asset Manager Land – Johan Atema
Asset Manager Groningen – Johan De Haan
Project Delivery Manager – John Wilkinson
Asset Manager CNNS – Ken Robertson
Asset Manager X Border – Knut Mauseth
NOV Manager Denmark – Nicola Gordon
Business Improvement Manager – Orietta Ruggier
Global Hydrocarbon Maturation Manager – Paul Zeppenfeldt
NOV Manager Norway / Subsurface Lead Per-Olaf Hustad
Environment Discipline Manager – Ross Clephan
NOV Manager UK – Simon Daman Willems
Discipline Head PT/PC & WRM Program Lead – Stuart Clayton
Technical Planning & Integration Manager – Ward Wiersema
Business Adviser to EVP Europe – Wessel de Haas
Governance & Systems Manager To be resourced later
Improvement Manager To be resourced later
Safety Discipline Manager To be resourced later

Commercial, New Business, LNG
Head LNG Strategy and Portfolio – Ajay Shah
Senior Opportunity Lead MENA – Ajit Bansal
Senior Deal Lead – Alexander Boertje
Country Commercial Lead – Angela Cleveland
Economics Lead – Angela Fraschini
Lead Portfolio & Business Intelligence – Anna Halpern-Lande
Country Commercial Lead – Bard Ter Haar
Country Commercial Lead – Ben Taylor
NOV Commercial Lead BCT – Bob Cowan
Asset Economics Lead – Chris Boccalatte
NOV Commerical Lead Arrow/Queensland – Craig Nicol
NOV Commercial Lead NWS – Dave Jillett
Senior Deal Lead EU, CIS & A&D – David Llewellyn
GM LNG SRM CIS & Europe – David Rimmer
Lead Power Group – Dieter Krapp
Lead Deal Delivery Economics – Erik Wolters
Sr Opportunity Lead EU & SSA – Fiona McLeod
Commercial Lead Russia – Fridtjof Wisur
Senior Opportunity Lead Russia & CIS – Gennady Lakhov
Commercial Lead Malaysia Gopalan-Krishnan Papachan
Lead Contracts Agreement & Unitisation – Greg Batt
Regional Commercial Advisor – HIOH-HUI Kho
Senior Deal Lead – Jalal Abu-Bakar
Commercial Lead & Country Chair Libya – Jan Willem Eggink
Senior Opportunity Lead Asia – Jefferson Edwards
GM Business & Govt Relation – Jimmy Ahmed
Commercial Services Lead – Katherin Domansky
GM Commercial Negotiations – Kester Mgbodille
Snr Opportunity Lead MA&Special Studies – Maarteen Garvelink
Commercial Lead Iraq – Marco Marsili
Commercial Lead Philippines – Martin Bates
Senior Deal Lead SSA – Martin Foley
Senior Opportunity Lead Australia – Neil Fairweather
GM Floating LNG – Neil Gilmour
NOV Commercial Lead Gorgon – Pat Darrigan
NOV Commercial Lead Sunrise – Paul Siffleet
XtL theme lead – Paul van Rijssen
Capability Advisor – Paul Williams
GDH Upstream Economics – Peter Grieve
Commercial Lead Gulf – Rob Dakers
Senior Deal Lead – Roel Maas
GM Commercial Advice,Innovation & Growth – Roger Bounds
Senior Deal Lead – Ron Essers
Commercial Lead New Zealand – Ron Kelly
Commercial Lead Kazakhstan & C. Asia – Ronan Deasy
Senior Deal Lead – Saeid Najari
Senior Deal Lead – Samia Nehme
Exploration Commercial Lead – NOV – Sheila Graham
Senior Deal Lead Australia – Steve Phimister
Commercial Integration & BV Manager – Stuart Mcgeoch
Commercial Lead Levant – Taisir Anbar
Senior Opportunity Lead Qatar – Thorsten Viertel
NOV Commercial Lead Iago/Wheatstone – Tracey Jerrat
Senior Deal Lead – Wim Riemens
Capability Advisor To be resourced later
Chief of Staff To be resourced later
Commercial Interfaces Manager (DS) To be resourced later
Commercial Lead North Africa To be resourced later
Corporate Affairs Manager To be resourced later
Country Commercial Lead To be resourced later

Audit Manager UIC/M/Q – Albert Holtslag
Technical Assurance Manager -Barbara Lak
Road Safety Manager – Hendrik Moorrees
HSE & SD Manager – Jane-Louise Alcock
Operational & Functional Excell. Manager – Peter Warda
Country Chair Abu Dhabi – Salar Babajan
Business Manager – Sander Koster
Manager JV Governance – Tom Everitt
Country Chair Iran To be announced later
Technology Manager To be resourced later
Upstream Advisor Pakistan To be resourced later

Construction/Commissioning HSE Interface Leader – Abigail Bralee
Audit Manager UIC/M/Q – Albert Holtslag
Deputy Technical Manager – Effiong Okon

Audit Manager UIC/M/Q – Albert Holtslag
Regional HSE Manager – Antonina Sulkhova
Regional Environmental/SD Manager – Anzhelika Vasilyeva
Senior Commercial/LNG Manager – Eamonn Cullen
Projects & Engineering Manager – Julian Masters
SPD SHA and Production Manager – Mark Ellis
Technology Manager – Max Prins
Gas Market Analyst – Natalia Ivanova
Commercial Manager/GzP Interface – Peter Whyte
Commercial Analyst – Vladimir Smelov

Sub-Saharan Africa
Operations Manager – Darren Holmes
Technical Manager – Francis Shaw
GM DeepWater Projects- Jerry Jackson
Technical Manager – Lars Roland Stoltz
MD Nigeria Gas – Philip Mshelbila
GM Midstream / NBD Gas – Ruud de Jongh
HSE & Commercial Manager -Taco Van Der Harst
GM Upstream Gas – Victor Okoronkwo
Competence & Business Improvement Mgr To be resourced later

Safety, Environment & SD
Strategic Issues Specialist – Angela Shaw
Environment Manager – Debbie Wright
Manager Sustainable Development & SP – Dorine Bosman
SP Competence Manager – Gitanjali Khosla
CO2 Senior Analyst – Guus Kessler
Manager HSE & SD Assurance – Jitze Lukkes
Communities Development Manager – Jordon Kuschminder
NBD & Social Investment Manager – Karen Westley
Incident, Learning & Competence Manager – Oliver Kleiber
Manager Operational Safety – Paul Rocchi
Audit Manager Upstream Sub Saharan Africa – Peter Oriaifo
CCS Portfolio Manager – Tim Bertels
SD Delivery Manager Titus – Fossgard-Moser
Manager Operational Safety – Willem Peuscher
Performance Reporting & Planning Manager To be resourced later
SP Assurance Manager To be resourced later

The following appointments are announced/confirmed for Upstream Americas

Heavy Oil

GM In-Situ Operations – Anders Ekvall
Manager, Technical Services – Stephen Fowler
Manager, Operations Services & Support – Jason Coady
Manager, Design Engineering – Barry Maguire
GM, Project Delivery – Allan Hart
Manager, Construction – Dave Widdifield
Manager, Project Services – Ken McNair
Project Manager, MRM Flare – Duncan Lancaster
Manager, Joint Ventures – Richard Duperval
Manager, Commercial Operations – Nicolas Vaschetto
Manager, Cost Leadership – Mark Little
Manager, Portfolio & Decision Support – Tim Ebben
Executive Assistant-Heavy Oil HSE & SD – Kerry Lyne Swayze
Cliffdale Focused Delivery Team Mgr – Jessica Willemsen
Manager, In-Situ Development – Daniel Rayes
Manager, Grosmont & Colorado
Dan Whitney
Executive Assistant, EVP Heavy Oil – Heather Bergen
Executive Assistant – Heavy Oil Business &
JV Management
Tina Bragg
Executive Assistant – Heavy Oil Operations – Bonnie Sackett
Executive Assistant – Onshore Projects – Georgette Attley
Executive Assistant – Expansion 1 – Tracy Palmer
Executive Assistant – Development & Technical Services
Marnie Mercier

Onshore Gas

Development Manager – Pinedale – John Bickley
Development Manager – South Texas- Sandy Sodersten
Development Manager – Magnolia – Bruce Palfreyman
Development Manager – Foothills – Sylvie Tran
Development Manager – Deep Basin – Frank George
Development Manager –
Manuel Willemse
Manager, Technical Services – Sam Whitney

Manager, Completions – Cindy Taff
Manager, Drilling- Joe Menezes
WDM-S. Texas – Peter Brett
WDM-Magnolia – Dave Carpenter
WDM-Pinedale – Mike De Witt
WDM-TLP’s – Joe Leimkuhler
WDM-Ground Birch – Mark Duplantis
Manager, Performance Improvement – Eric van Oort
WDM-BCG/FH – Michael Berry
Manager, Well Delivery – UO Anton Vos

Operations Manager – Groundbirch – Andrew Dahlin
Operations Manager – Deep Basin – Dale Mendryk
Operations Manager – SAB (Wat/JP)-  Louis Auger
Operations Manager – CAB (CAR/BT) – David Kidd
Manager, Surveillance – Barry Labrecque

Operations Manager – Pinedale – James Duran
Operations Manager – South Texas – Dennis Pierce
Operations Manager – Magnolia – James Blanton
Manager, Production Support – Randy Ritchie

Manager, Wells HSE – Steve Davis
Manager, Operational HSE – Roger Leadbeater
Manager, HSE Systems – Byron Smyke

Senior Specialist, HSE – Arctic To Be Resourced Later
Manager, SE, LNG, Gas Monetization &Wind – Steven Brown
Manager, Geophysics HSE – Cody Buyer
Manager, Alaska Venture Support Integrat – Geri Storer
Deepwater Strategy & Portfolio Advisor Agnete-  Johnsgaard-Lewis
Heavy Oil/Other Strategy & Portfolio Advisor – Andrew Doyle-Linden
Onshore Gas Strategy & Portfolio Advisor – Lance Van Anglen
Deepwater Strategy & Portfolio Manager – David Nickerson
Competitive Intelligence & Mgmt Support – Dean Wang
Business Environment – Andrew Slaughter
Planning & Capital Budget Manager – Jacqueline Benoit
Manager, LNG & Gas Mon – N Am & Carib -Andrea Reyman-Cruz
Manager, LNG & Gas Mon – S America – Marcelo Menicucci
Sr Advisor, Clean Energy & Innovation – James Burns
Manager, Land & Cont – GOM Dev/Prod Int – Kent Abadie
Manager, Onshore Canada Exploration – Philippe Gauthier
Manager, Land Admin – Sonny Lawson
Manager, Regional EPX Consultancy – Hans Van Marle
Manager, Onshore US/LA Exploration – Chandler Wilhelm
Manager, Exploration Technology – Mark Hempton
Manager, Strategy Portfolio & Perf – Jim Bloomfield
Manager, UA Geophysics – Donald Spillman
Manager, Technical Evaluation – Robin Hamilton
Manager, Deal Delivery – Ann Dorlay
Manager, Bus Dev Onshore N America – Bryan Lastrapes
Manager, Business Development Heavy Oil – Bruce Comeau
Manager, Global Exploration Expertise – Calum Macdonald
Manager, Bus Dev Frontier – Randolph Hiscock
Manager, Bus Dev GOM/N Atlantic – Stacey King
Manager, Economics – Len Falsone
Manager, Alaska Operations – Brent Ross
Manager, Gas Midstream – Steve Friedman
Manager, Exploration & Appraisal – Steve Phelps
Manager, Land & Contracts – GOM Exp – Scott Ham
Manager, Hydrocarbon Maturation – Jan Ciaston
Manager, GOM – N Atl Greenfield Exp/App – Mark W. Shuster
Manager, GOM – Nearfield Exp/App – Jan Harrell
Manager, S Atlantic Exp/App – Max Brouwers
Regional EPX Consultant – Bradford Prather
Regional EPX Consultant – Ted Godo
Regional EPX Consultant – Erik Goodwin
UAXC Business Advisor – William Langin
Manager, Commercial Excellence – Larry Svab
Manager, Canada Land & Contracts – Stacia West
Manager, Land & Contracts – Onshore US – Keith Morris
Manager, Crude Oil Marketing & Logistics – Michael Faulise

Manager, Safety Systems – Paul Rogers
Manager, Operational HSE – Dev/Services – Gary Brown
Manager, Operational HSE – Prod Assets – Ragini Isham
Development Manager – Growth – Bill Henry
Development Manager – Mars Area Mary Grace Anderson
Sr Advisor, Asset Operations – Kimberly Limmex
Sr Advisor, Asset Operations – Kimarie Michel
Manager, Subsea Surveillance – Michael Benning
Operations Manager – URSA – David Hernandez
Operations Manager – Auger – Blake Hebert
Operations Manager – Mars A/WD – Timothy Frank
Operations Manager – Brutus / BW – Willem Verdaasdonk

Safety, Environment and SD
Operations Manager – MP/RP – Victor Caballero
Manager, Facilities Surveillance – David Brubaker
Operations Manager – Mars B – Jay Trussell
Manager, Tech Deployment & Geo Support -David Cole
Manager, WDP / Petrophysical Support – Susan Waters
Manager, Wells & Reservoir Surveillance – Gregory Andrews
Manager, NOV – Tom Judd
Operations Manager YH / Cognac – Dale Ramsey
Operations Manager Enchilada / Cougar – Joe Cunningham
Manager, Brazil EP Country Coordination – Antonio Guimaraes
Manager, Sub Surface – Brazil – Jan-Henk VanKonijnenburg
Development Manager – BS 4 – David Reid
Operations Manager – BC 10 – Olivier Rogaar
Manager, S America NOV & Production – Maximiliano Hardie

Adm Manager, Operational Excellence – Angel Soriano
Manager, Operations Readiness & Skill – Dale Faucheux
Manager, Engineering Projects – Michael Fairburn
Manager, Maintenance & Integrity – James Rozycki
Development Manager – Subsea – Imad Mohsen
Development Manager – Mature TLPs – Mike Loveland
Manager, Brazil HSE/SD – Claudio Costa
Manager, US Incident Command – Phil Smith
Development Manager – Perdido – Bill Townsley
Operations Manager – Perdido – Chris Smith
Development Manager B&S – Osman Tosun
Development Manager BC10 – Albert Paardekam
Operations Manager – B&S – Walter Baumgartner
Regional Logistics Manager – Dan Flynn
Manager, EP & NBD – Richard Keech

Safety, Environment and SD
Executive Assistant to SD/SP Manager – Kaleene Toback
Technical Safety Manager – A. J. (Jeff) McPhate
Sr. Regional Venture Support Integrator – Rebecca Nadel
OG Venture Support Integrator Lead -Anthony Franchina
HO Venture Support Integrator Lead – Judy Smith
Exp/Comm Venture Support Integrator Lead – Tracy Boyd
DW Venture Support Integrator – Mark Kosiara
SD/SP Specialties Manager – James Thurman
Offshore Regulatory Policy Lead – Kent Satterlee
Onshore Regulatory Policy Lead-U.S – Richard Francis
HSE-SD Systems & Reporting Manager – Walter Rawlings
Mgr. Operational Safety – Hans Boerstra
Mgr. Environmental Performance – Jim Brewington
Mgr. Aboriginal & Community Relations Linda Jefferson
Contractor HSE-SD Manager – Jody Licatino
Incident Investigation Manager – Daniel Fagan
Assurance Manager – Doyle Galloway
DW/Exp/Commercial Env & Reg Manager – Susan Staley
OG and Heavy Oil Env & Reg Manager – Bert Molina
CO2/CCS Manager – Kenneth Loch
Legacy Properties Manager – Skip Koshak
Onshore Regulatory Policy Lead – Canada – Gerry Ertel
Western Region Integrator – Barbara Kornylo

US Country Chair
Manager, US Social Inv/Shell Foundation Frazier Wilson
US Country Chair Integrator -Luis Pinto
Sr Advisor, US Business Affairs – Jesse Saldivar

Audit Manager Upstream Americas – Mike Koinis and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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