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Shell executive director Matthias Bichsel video ridiculed

By John Donovan

A video presentation made by Matthias Bichsel, Director Projects & Technology, Royal Dutch Shell plc has been ridiculed by contributors to the Shell Blog on the website

A posting by a Shell insider known as “Guest1” is particularly scathing.

Some extracts…

Having seen the crap by Bichsel I have little to add to the others. He also looks like a worn out old fart, ready to get a heart attack any moment. He lives a stressful life: always lying and manipulating so always looking over his shoulder who may attack him and always remembering what he said to whom and when. Very tiring.

He read the words from a teleprompter and it was clearly all written by a young snotnose with an MBA who has never in his life done any real work, and all straight from the thousands of textbooks. I must admit it was an achievement to use so many politically correct words in such a short space of time.

And from “Dutchdude“:

I think the video is a good example what happens when management does not tolerate corrective critisism. This is like the emperor and his clothes, everybody involved in the production of this tape must have seen the terrible product and performance, but most likeli told Matthias this was his best performance ever. Although just 2 minutes and 30 seconds, I lost track after 1 minute and 15 secs, but woke up again when he said with the saddest face ever “I am truly exited…”. At least now I know how he looks when he is exited.

The entire posting, and others commenting on the Bichsel video, can be viewed here (along with the Video). and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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