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Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 8: Nazi connections

Royal Dutch Shell Nazi Secrets Part 8: Nazi connections

By John Donovan


We have provided extensive verification evidence from reputable independent sources of the Royal Dutch Shell connection with Hitler.

This includes evidence of a four-day meeting between Sir Henri Deterding and Adolf Hitler.

Sir Henri was mentioned in the annotations of a translation into English of Mein Kampf(1) – the infamous semi autobiography written by Adolf Hitler,(2) which set out his political ideology.(3)

Extract from the annotations on page 184:

“Sir Henry Deterding, the oil magnate, was the most manifest of the partisans of Germany;”

This provides evidence that as early as 1925, information was put into the public domain closely associating Deterding and Hitler, and stating that Sir Henri was the most prominent of Nazi Germany’s supporters.


Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands granted a royal charter to a small oil exploration company founded in 1890 by Jean Kessler, along with Henri Deterding and Hugo Loudon, which evolved into the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company. Queen Wilhelmina was a very shrewd investor and became the wealthiest woman in the world. At one time, the Dutch royals reportedly owned as much as 25% of the company.

Crown Princess Juliana, the only child of Queen Wilhelmina, married a Nazi Storm Trooper, Prince Bernhard.

Extracts from a Time Magazine article published on 18 January 1937

“Marked was the vigor last week of the Knickerbocker aristocracy of Manhattan in observing the joyous marriage day of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Juliana of The Netherlands.”

“Prince Bernhard zu Lippe-Biesterfeld, at the time his engagement to Crown Princess Juliana was announced (TIME, Sept. 14), was a minor salaried employee of the great German chemical trust I. G. Farben-industrie Aktiengesellschaft, and a Nazi Storm Trooper.”(4)

In March 2010, The Daily Telegraph published an article: Dutch Prince Bernhard ‘was member of Nazi party’


Prince Bernhard, the father of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, was a member of the Nazi party, a new book has claimed, contracting the German-born Dutch war hero’s life-long denials.

Annejet van der Zijl, a Dutch historian, has found membership documents in Berlin’s Humboldt University that prove Prince Bernhard, who studied there, had joined Deutsche Studentenschaft, a National Socialist student fraternity, as well as the Nazi NSDAP and its paramilitary wing, the Sturmabteilung.

As “Wing Commander Gibbs” – an honorary rank he held in the RAF – the prince later flew Allied bombing raids over occupied Europe before returning in 1944 as a Dutch war hero.(5)

Extracts End

The Dutch royal family is still reportedly a major shareholder in Shell. The current Monarch, Queen Beatrix, the daughter of Prince Bernard, is a billionaire in her own right.

Extract from a article:

“…in the Netherlands, Queen Beatrix, 63, and the rest of the royal House of Orange share a much more respectable fortune of $3.2 billion. Most of the wealth comes from the family’s longstanding stake in the U.K. and Netherlands-based oil company, the Royal Dutch/Shell Group. At one time, the royals reportedly owned as much as 25% of the oil company;”(6)

Extract from a Sunday Times published on 21 March 2004 at the time of the scandal arising from the Royal Dutch Shell oil and gas reserves securities fraud:

Shell’s management will be further embarrassed by the revelation that the Dutch royal family has lost nearly £250m through the collapse in the company’s share price.

The family is one of the biggest single shareholders in Royal Dutch. The family’s spokesman said its stake was “not more than 5%”, a figure that would equate to a loss since January of £244m.(7)


Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 08.10.02GEORG BELL (shown right) – GERMAN SPY WHO ACTED JOINTLY FOR HITLER AND DETERDING

Dr. Georg Bell,(8) a German spy, was an agent of Sir Henri Deterdingwho acted initially as an intermediary between Deterding and Adolf Hitler in forming an alliance between the oil titan and the Nazi leader. This was done to hide what the public might consider to be an “unsavory” relationship.(9)

Bell later acted as a joint agent/delegate of Hitler and Deterding. On page 313 of “The most powerful man in the world: The Life of Sir Henri Deterding”, it said:

Bell had useful connections with business and politics, and it is reported by Johannes Steel that he had attended a number of meetings of the “Ukrainian Patriots” in Paris as joint delegate of Hitler and Deterding.”(10)

Bell was an intimate of the perverted Storm Troop Leader Capt. Ernst Röhm,(11) and was allegedly involved with Deterding in a counterfeiting operation against the Russian Rouble.(12) Bell was murdered in Austria in April 1933 by a death squad of Nazi Storm Troopers and the SS after “making revelations about Deterding and the Nazis.”(13) He apparently knew too much about sensitive matters the Nazis and their financiers wanted hushed up.


From Wikipedia: Alfred Rosenberg (12 January 1893 – 16 October 1946)(14) was an early and intellectually influential member of the Nazi Party.(15) Rosenberg was first introduced to Adolf Hitler(16) by Dietrich Eckart(17); he later held several important posts in the Nazi government. At Nuremberg(18) he was tried, sentenced to death(19) and executed by hanging as a war criminal.(20)
Evidence indicates that Alfred Rosenberg had a role as a senior Nazi contact with Deterding. The sames applies to Georg Bell.



Those who financed Hitler, both Germans and the foreigners, are just as responsible for his coming to power as the active Nazis who spread anti-Semitic propaganda or fought in the streets. Yet, because of their influence and the power of money, few of them were prosecuted at Nuremberg. Many are now exposed here for the first time.

Page 319

One weekend Rosenberg stayed at Sir Henri Deterding’s palatial country home at Buckhurst Park, Ascot, only about a mile from Windsor Castle. Two newspapers reported that they had reliable information which verified the Rosenberg-Deterding meeting. Reynold’s Illustrated News stated: “In the light of the present European situation, this private talk between Hitler’s foreign advisor and the dominant figure in European ‘oil politics’ is of profound interest. It supports the suggestion current in well- informed political circles that the big oil interests have kept closely in touch with the Nazi Party in Germany. “This was not Rosenberg’s first meeting with Deterding; they had met as early as 1931.

Deterding was one of the wealthiest men in the world. His clandestine meetings with Hitler’s representative gave little indication of the plots, intrigues, and secret transfers of money that were taking place between Deterding and Hitler.

PAGE 321

Before the Communist Revolution in 1917, Dutch-Shell had large investments in the Russian Baku oil fields, as well as holdings in the Grosni and Miakop oil fields. When the British Army withdrew from Baku in the spring of 1920, the Red Army moved in and Moscow nationalized the oil fields. To add insult to injury, the Communists started to export oil in 1922 and their competition became a serious threat to the markets of Dutch-Shell. From this point onward, Deterding aimed to destroy Bolshevism.

PAGE 322

Then, early in 1930, the trial for the chervonetz-forgery attempt was held in Berlin. Chervonetz were Russian [Georgian] banknotes, a tremendous number of which had been forged in order to create political turmoil and disorder in the Georgian Soviet Republic in the Caucasus.

Karumidze, the leader of the Georgians; General Max Hoffmann, a famous German Army general who died shortly before the trial; Georg Bell; a Bavarian businessman named Willi Schmidt; and Sir Henri Deterding were cited as accomplices in this scheme of forgery and plotted uprising.

“Georg Bell, a mysterious German of Scottish origin who had many useful business and political connections, was said to be an agent of Deterding. He had attended a number of the” Ukrainian Patriots” meetings in Paris as a representative of both Hitler and Deterding.”

Pages 322/323

Because he knew Rosenberg and was a close friend of Rohm, Bell was an excellent contact for Sir Henri to have with the Nazis.

Johannes Steel, a German writer and former agent of the German Economic Intelligence Service, gave evidence at the Inquiry into the Reichstag Fire that Sir Henri Deterding was giving money to the Nazis.

The Dutch press stated that Deterding sent to Hitler, through Georg Bell, about four million guilders.84 Some said Sir Henri gave the Nazis money in exchange for their agreement to give him preferred standing in the German oil market when they came to power. In 1931, it was reported that Deterding made a loan of £30 million to Hitler in return for a promise of a petroleum monopoly. Some claimed the loan was as much as £55 million. Louis Lochner, former foreign correspondent and authority on the relation between Hitler and big business, mentioned an alleged “ten million marks” contribution by the Dutch oil lord to the Nazis. With so many sources agreeing on the matter, there can be little doubt that Deterding financed Hitler.


Deterding’s biographer, Glyn Roberts, said that after Sir Henri’s new marriage he “thought like a true Nazi.” His new scheme to help the Nazis was to send all of Holland’s agricultural surplus to Germany, which was in need of more food for her people. The Nazis, of course, were always pleased with a helping hand even after they were in power.


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