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Ogoni allegations against the Nigerian government and Shell

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The attention of National Union of Ogoni Student’s, USA has been drawn to the recent attack by the combined forces of the Nigerian Joint Task Force and the Rivers State Task Force on the people of Ogoni, particularly the communities of Kpean, Bean, and Gure, etc.

We wish to use this medium to draw the attention of the good people of Nigeria and the world to this fresh line of attack on the innocent people of Ogoni by the River State government. The people of Ogoni are peace loving and have demonstrated this in their nonviolent approach to their demands which are yet to be met. The people whose ONLY crime is the fact that they demand for a fair share of their oil proceeds will continue to resist all forms of oppression with every civil means.

Therefore, we resolved as follows:

1. We condemn the recent “Abacha styled” raid on the communities of Kpean, Bean and Gure by the Joint Task Force and the Rivers State Task Force that have prevented them from going about their normal daily activities, overnight harassments as well as sporadic occupation of the area, arrest, raping and looting of properties by the joint security task force must stop forthwith.

2. We demand that the Rivers State Task force should disable all check points in Ogoni because they serve no useful purposes; rather they are means of extorting money from the people, motorist and non-motorist alike, preventing the people of Ogoni from going about their normal businesses just like others in the state. There is also strong indication that  the state security task  force is being used to spy on those with opposing political views from that of the authority so that they can crackdown on them. This is inimical to a sound democratic system.

3. We also discovered that the Rivers State government headed by Rt Hon Amaechi, NPDC, Shell and the federal authority are making another calculated attempt to start oil production in Ogoni without meeting the demands of the people as stated in the Ogoni Bill of Rights (OBR). They planned to do this through the use of the already established security task forces (Abacha style) coupled with some help from the deceptive works of the UNEP.  We strongly advise the Rivers State government to stop using the State security task force to terrorize the people of Ogoni in order to start oil production. He should disband this notorious and terroristic Police road blocks immediately from Ogoni Land.

4. We abhor a repeat of state and corporate sponsored violence that characterized the 1990s’ which was used by the Nigerian government as a pretext to kill prominent Ogoni leaders and over 4000 Ogoni indigenes for demanding their rights.

5. Ogoni students viewed these secret attacks by the River State Joint Task Force on the communities of Kpean, Bean and Gure as a sponsored activity by Shell Oil and the authority to resume oil operations in Yorla Oil Fields.  We shall be forced to take civilized actions against Shell and all those behind these constant threats to the peace of Ogoni.  Therefore, we call upon the chairman of Khana local government to take immediate actions by assessing the level of damage and ensure that Shell/government propaganda does not overshadow the truth. Ogoni people are not going to be deterred by violent actions of corrupt and irresponsible government and corporations who over the years have failed to deliver. We cannot give control of our resources to a government that has chosen violence over dialogue; a government that cannot provide pure drinking water, electricity, good roads, equipped schools, good Health care system, etc even with huge revenue from oil revenue, whereas, countries with limited resources than Nigeria can do all of these for their people.


President, Pius B. Nwinee                                                       Secretary, Sampson B. Npimnee

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