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Oil spill in the Philippines

Dear Mr. Donovan,

I am a resident of Bangkal village in Makati City, a working-class neighbourhood in the Philippines.

I wish to tell you that Shell and Chevron have done a great environmental damage to our ground, but have kept quiet about it all this time.

A month ago, an oil spill was discovered in our area, where a pipeline runs under it. The spill is said to have been going on unnoticed for some months. The pipeline carries Shell and Chevron products. Our government has somewhat penalized the pipeline operator, First Philippine Industrial Corp. (which is incidentally 40% owned by Shell Petroleum). But the owners of the spilled fuel have yet to own up to the mess.

I hope you can turn a spotlight on this case in your blog.

If you want to know about the gist of the environmental disaster, you can read Engineer Carlos Arcilla’s account in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the largest broadsheet in the country. Mr. Arcilla and his team are the ones who found the leaks in the pipeline, after months of denial by the pipeline operators. His account (which appeared yesterday, 29 November 2010) is attached here:

Hope you can help us in our community.


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