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Nigerian activists allege Shell involved in Ogoniland assassinations

The following press release has been supplied to us today by Ogoni activists.

It contains allegations implicating Shell in alleged current violence and killings in Ogoniland.


The attention of National Union Of Ogoni Students (NUOS INTL) USA has been drawn to the recent unprecedented killings and assaults by gun men suspected to have been trained by government secret agent (PDP) on the people of Ogoni, particularly the killing of Jacob Paago, Richard Nimah, Pius Gbarazia and Clement Faah to mention but a few.

NUOS noted that killings in Ogoni became rampant during this political dispensation and immediately after government announced her intention to take over SHELL’s oil wells in Ogoniland through NNPC.

It is disheartening that people in power should take other people’s lives, causing pain and suffering to others, oppressing, suppressing, subjecting them to abject poverty and inhibiting Ogoni development for power, selfishness and personal greed.

We wish to use this medium to  alert the Ogonis,  all good people of Nigeria and the world that this fresh line of killings is politically and economically motivated, and a calculated  attempt to quell Ogoni’s petition for Bori State by intimidating and instigating fear into  the innocent people of Ogoni by the government (PDP).

NUOS viewed the killings of Ogonis as a channel of imposing their surrogate candidates on the people of Ogoni to deliver them in the ongoing election in Nigeria.  The act of killings of Ogoni leaders is an orchestrated parameter to silence Ogoni’s eloquent and influential voices in order to oppress and cow our people into perpetual slavery.

WE therefore state as follows:

1. That the recent wave of violence and killings, are an upshot by some retrogressive elements in the corridors of power that further demonstrates PDP’s undemocratic retail culture of penciling and imposing candidates on the people.
2. NUOS international reliably gathered that the recent violence in Ogoni is masterminded by the government and Shell to cause dissension, disorder and breach of peace in Ogoni so that Bori State will not be created.
3. NUOS  is also disappointed in Ledum Mitee (MOSOP Nigeria), all local government chairmen, Ogoni contact group, Ogoni traditional rulers and all leaders of thought for their conspicuous silence on the recent killings in Ogoni, and declare that their compulsory silence on sensitive  ogoni issues like this, demonstrates how disoriented they are with the common people. We therefore reiterate that the aforementioned should stand up for their rights and speak with one voice to deter criminal activities for Ogoni development.
4. Finally, NUOS vowed that no amount of threats, killings and violence on Ogoni sons and daughters will force any company into Ogoni, particularly NNPC; therefore we call on the government to investigate these killings and punish the perpetrators.


Pius B. Nwinee, (NUOS PRESIDENT)          Sampson B. Npimnee (SECRETARY GEN.)

“We are going to demand our RIGHTS – Peacefully, Non-Violently, and we shall WIN” – Ken Saro-Wiwa  (1941-1995)
NUOS Intl – Seeking solutions to the plight of indigenous students around the world.
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