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Why you can’t be sure of SHELL

Dear John,

Thank you very much for giving my letter a chance to be published in your site.

Shell scam against its employees in the Philippines?

You are a precious gift to me and to others who are presently enslaved by what you called “tyranny” being capriciously committed by Shell against its very own employees.

I am very thankful that I known your website and you, because in the early moments of my struggle, nobody seemed to be listening, but now,  that you hear me, I believe, the honorable justices of the courts in the Philippines down to the labor arbiter who voluntary opted be ignorant of the law are not only listening …more so they have their legs shaking because of the exposure of  their malfeasance and wrongdoing.

Through your website and you, I was able to convey to the world how rotten is the administration of justice in the Philippines.

And  of course, why you can’t be sure of SHELL.

Again, thank you very much.


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