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Is Royal Dutch Shell STILL anti-Semitic?

By John Donovan

We have received interesting email following our posting of the threats made against us by Royal Dutch Shell Plc . The threats related to our publication of relevant pages from “A History of Royal Dutch Shell”, focused on the Nazi past of the oil giant. The question of our continued mortality was raised.

A Shell insider asked if we were aware that “there is one country in the world that Shell will not do business with?”

This was a reference to Israel. The insider explained events that had led them to ponder the question in our headline.

We suspected that Shell was a racist company. We did not know that it was still anti-Semitic, if that is the case. Israel is not included in the global list of Countries on where Shell does business. I cannot find any reference by Shell to Israel on Shell’s website. There is no reference to anti-Semitism in its Business Principles. It seems to be a taboo subject?

The paid historians of Shell who supposedly had unrestricted access to Royal Dutch Shell archives revealed that Shell had engaged in anti-Semitic policies against its own employees. This happened while Shell was financially supporting and encouraging Hitler and the Nazis.

So is Shell STILL anti-Semitic, or is it simply because doing business with Israel would upset the rulers of Saudi Arabia, yet another tyrannical regime in bed with Shell?

One Country swims in oil. The other doesn’t. Perhaps that has something to do with it?


Have checked “A History of Royal Dutch Shell”. No information about Shell doing business with Israel.

Did find this revealing paragraph in the Wikipedia article “Paz Oil Company

Paz was founded in 1922, as Anglo-Asiatic Petroleum. From 1927 it operated as part of Royal Dutch Shell, under the name Shell Palestine. In 1958 Shell withdrew from Israel under economic pressure from Arab countries. The symbol of the company, a yellow triangle, still resembles that of Shell.

What this means is that Royal Dutch Shell predictably sided with anti-Semitic Arab regimes and has done so for 52 years.


Any comment by Shell will be published here on an unedited basis.

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