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Kiobel et al vs. Royal Dutch Shell at the US Supreme Court

Ogoni rallying call…


Dear Ogonis, Friends and Supports of the Ogoni struggle living in the Washington, DC. area in particular. Please endeavor to attend the upcoming Ogoni case: Kiobel et al vs. Royal Dutch Shell. The hearing or argument is taking place at the United States Supreme Court (USSC), at One First Street Washington, DC on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 (next week).

This case will hopefully help change the way American companies and foreign ones such as $hell, will do business oversees henceforth. They shall be forced to apply same standards that are operational in America when in foreign countries. Implying especially, that they shall be held accountable for human rights violations as a way to curb corporate sponsorship of the kinds of crimes, genocidal cases recorded in Ogoni and Niger delta.

The case before the Supreme Court will decide issues relating to the U.S. 1789 Alien Tort Statute (ATS). The great news is, nothing in the ATS favors economic policies or cooperation over the proper adjudication of justice, especially as stipulated by law. So not only is history and spirit of Ogoni on our side, the able Pres. Obama’s Department of Justice, which filed an amicue brief to support our case for corporate liability is also on our side. Therefore, try and be on time to make this history whole, as court seats are allocated on a first-come-first serve basis, according to the court Website.

See court Website for more information about visiting the court

It is advised that people come on time…Ogoni case may command even larger crowd than usual because of the interest it has generated. Legal scholars-students, corporations and more would be attracted-the media too, being the first of its kind before this court.

Meanwhile, there shall be a rally at or near the court premises, aimed at calling out the lackadaisical and deadly Nigerian government, the rogue, deadly and environmentally racist company, $hell Oil. Come with your placards (but not in the court; no shirt bearing opposition inscriptions, camera and tape recorder are allowed).

Please come one, come all, as victory to force $hell to trial and give it a devastating blow will be victory for Ogoni, Niger delta and other minorities in Nigeria, Africa and the world, which may launch similar lawsuits for similar human rights violations.

Ben Ikari.

It’s our duty to create a world, safe environment based upon honesty and equality; empathy, justice and compromise, mutual respect and understanding…B. Ikari.

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  1. hurac says:

    Just wanted to comment on a typographical error in the last sentence of the first paragraph in bold. It’s supposed to be 2012 and not 2011. Please take note!. Ogoni must survive….We just hope that justice prevails this time so that the world will see with us that shell and other multi-national oil companies are responsible for the environmental degradation happening in Ogoni at the moment. There is no good drinking water any longer, the air is filled with carbon-monooxide and the soil too infertile for agricultural purposes. We as a group are in support of this motion and will always support Kiobel at all time……………..HURAC

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