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A short time ago you ran a series of articles on Shell’s chemical contribution to the chemical industry’s ‘war on ‘bugs’ and to a brighter future for all mankind. After Shell’s family of three ‘-drins’ was banned (because of cancer and other types of health risks) in the US in the mid-1970’s, it turned out something like 96% of all Americans had these chemicals in their bodies at that time.

Shell immediately moved production of those wonder chemicals to South America. These ‘-drin’ products of Shell have even made the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of banned substances.

Shell clearly knew and understood what the health hazards were to employees by the time those products were banned in the US. So, Shell’s decision to move its production plants to South America were motivated entirely by greed (and with the knowledge that local laws would not provide much in the way of health protection for plant workers). As we all know, the majority of those workers were of native Indian blood, or were of mixed blood. As we can all see, those risks of induced diseases were very real.

Let the evidence and the conduct of Shell senior management speak for itself.

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