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Dark Arts, Dark Energy


It has been awhile since anything appeared in your blog regarding Shell’s alleged espionage efforts targeting US DoD classified material in the States. Whatever the case may be there are ‘rumors afloat’ about what Shell may have been after. I have no confirmation of the accuracy of these rumors, but generally where there is smoke this is some fire.

Rumor has it that the technology Shell was targeting was of a highly innovative nature, some related to basic science, some to nuclear weapons perhaps, and some related to acoustics and stealth technologies.

Rumor has it that something related to basic electromagnetic theory has also been discovered. If we think about this for a moment that means something is amiss with Maxwell’s equations. And Maxwell’s equations, along with his theory, are arguably the most commercially valuable set of equations ever developed. Our modern world would not be possible without them. How valuable would such a discovery be. Potentially. Think about this for a moment.

Now, a few years ago a couple of scientists apparently received the Nobel prize for their supposed discovery of ‘dark energy’. I won’t go into any historical details about this topic, but ‘dark energy’ is something that has emerged in the world of astrophysics as being an important influence in the evolution of the universe. The term ‘dark energy’ is really a ‘garbage bag’ term potentially including a number of possible forms of energy here-to-fore unknown and undiscovered.

Nobody really knows what this stuff may be, except perhaps the individual whom Shell had targeted. Rumor has it that a form of ‘dark energy’ has indeed been ‘discovered’, i.e., it is known what it is, how it is generated and how it can be detected. Rumor has it that this information is not or was not classified by the US DoD.

How important is this? Well, people might be very excited about it. Let’s speculate a bit. If another form of radiant energy (in addition to electromagnetic radiation) has indeed been discovered, a form of energy that is influencing the evolution of the universe, then maybe another fundamental force of nature has been discovered. Now, one would think that would be Nobel Prize worthy work. Just maybe.

What could one do with this stuff? Well maybe we now have another form of radiant energy that can be used for communication purposes? Maybe. Imagine if you will a whole new form of telecommunications technology to compliment our current technology. How valuable would that be?  Maybe power generation technologies similar to solar cell technologies are a possibility. Maybe this stuff can be harvested and used to generated normal electric power. Maybe it could be harvested night and day, 24-7. Rain or shine. Again, how valuable would that be? Maybe dark energy lasers are a possibility. Think of how dark energy lasers might be used.

Now, if another force of nature has been discovered, that means that Einstein’s general theory of relativity has another solution that was here-to-fore unknown. It could mean that a couple of Newton’s famous laws of physics are not complete, something that has been suspected for a very long time.

This is all rumor and speculation, but rumors usually have some basis in fact.

Given these facts and rumors, does anybody think that Shell would not like to get their hot corrupt hands on technology like this and claim it as their own? Seriously. Think about the bragging rights. Think about the possible worth of this kind of technology. How far does anyone think Shell would be willing to go to gain title and credit for such a discover and technology? Think about it.


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