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Will Shell try to crush Greenpeace again?

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By John Donovan

James Delingpole of Breitbart fame,”the world’s best political blogger”, says in an outspoken article about the Greenpeace Lego victory over Shell, that the oil giant should “crush” Greenpeace, who he describes as bastards.

Obviously not a man to mince his words. 

It is an article well worth reading. He is a brilliant writer.


Some extracts

For too long, big businesses like Shell have sought to escape the attentions of leftist attack dogs like Greenpeace (much as shopkeepers in Little Italy used to pay protection money to the Mob) by paying lip service to all the green orthodoxies and sponsoring worthy green causes. But it just doesn’t work because however much greenwashing it attempts, Shell will always be an oil company. And Greenpeace will always hate it – and try to destroy it – because Greenpeace hates oil companies. So the first step towards escaping this cycle of humiliation is to recognise who your enemy is and, instead of appeasing him, to face up to him and crush him. Trust me, Shell. It’s the only language these bastards understand.

Mr Delingpole does not seem to be aware that Shell has acted against Greenpeace. It was responsible for a covert operation umasked by The Sunday Times. Hakluyt, the private spy firm in which senior Shell directors were major shareholders and the ultimate spymasters, used a serving secret agent working on a freelance basis to sink Greenpeace oil protests.  

So the question should be, will Shell try to crush Greenpeace again? and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

1 Comment on “Will Shell try to crush Greenpeace again?”

  1. #1 nobody
    on Oct 11th, 2014 at 20:26

    I have children. They love Lego. They like watching polar bears on TV, but they prefer the oil fired boiler at home. It keeps them warm and cosy during the winter. This enables them to play with Lego even more.

    They like driving in a car to get somewhere rather than get the bus. Buses also use oil too you know and where we’re from in Cornwall you usually see 1 person on a bus. That can’t be economical or even environmentally friendly.

    I can’t even see the Arctic from where I live, so even IF a few hundred square miles of white turns to black, there’s nothing much living up there anyway. It will turn white again and we’ll all be none the wiser. Just warmer.

    Perhaps it would be fair for Greenpeace to add a ‘support arctic drilling’ button to their site to allow a balanced view of what everyone else in the world wants rather than just the million or so environmentalists?

    Shell are great, they keep us warm, they keep us moving, they employ many, they keep the world’s economy moving and they contribute to millions of pensions.

    Maybe someone should ask Greenpeace to leave everyone else alone. If they disbanded, I’m sure the amount of carbon they use trawling around the world would be of use to other companies to do important things like provide us with oil.

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