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Warning about

Don’t be misled by the home page for into believing you are dealing with a UK company.

The text is all in English, the prices are all in UK pounds and the website address and trading name give the impression that it is a UK business. Unfortunately that is not the case.

The business is owned and operated by a German company with belligerent arrogant customer service staff. Patrick Kissler in particular seems to be a graduate of the Basil Fawlty charm school. His response to the legitimate complaint was to issue a threat about making the relevant email correspondence public.

The company despatched an order from Germany after it was cancelled when the customer realised that the order was coming from Germany and would take up to 8 days. accepted the cancellation and promised to return the funds already paid. As can be seen in an extract from an email sent to the German company, matters only got worse. Amazon delivered the same product overnight.

I sent an email addressed in BLOCK CAPS to the Managing Director of car I got a threatening response from the person named in the complaint, Mr Patrick Kissler.


I cancelled the order before you despatched the goods and had arranged a refund of the funds back to my card with one of your colleagues as I was told the parts would take up to 8 days to be delivered once dispatched? I managed to find a supplier in the UK [Amazon] who could deliver next day. I placed the order with them on the 16th, after I cancelled my order with you and it arrived at my home on the 17th [see attached photo taken yesterday] as you can see by the date on the package label in the top right hand corner and, more importantly, as their web page stated!!

So, my experience with Amazon was, I found my items, made the payment as their website stated “in stock” and “delivery next day”, I received correspondence from them to say my goods had been dispatched and the items arrived next day as promised by them.

My experience with Cartech-one was, I found my items, made my payment as your website stated “in stock” and “will be despatched as soon as payment is confirmed”. Payment was confirmed on the website at the end of my payment [check out]. Then, no correspondence at all for over 1 week until I emailed and then called you? I call on the 16th and am told that the goods have still not been despatched? They may be in a delivery that Cartech-one are expecting on that day but the operative could not confirm this? I enquired about the delivery time from dispatch as it was not even made clear on your website when I placed the order that the goods would be delivered from Germany. Nothing made this clear in my entire ordering process, the operative told me it would take up to 8 days to deliver to my home [bare in mind that I ordered the items on the 7th of Jan, this would put the entire delivery time to the 25th of Jan …….. 18 days from placing my order!!!!!! Once I cancelled my order and was promised that my card would be refunded in 2-3 days, and I could receive an email to confirm this, I received an email on the 17th Jan to say my goods have been dispatched???? I called Cartech-one AGAIN! And spoke to another operative and explained the entire issue again. She told me that I could simply wait for the items to arrive and refuse them and when they arrive back at Cartech-one they will refund my card?? I told her NO!, I cancelled the order and was told on the 16th that my card would be refunding 2-3 days. I did not ask you to despatch the items, that is an issue that Cartech-one have caused themselves and the return of my funds to my card are being held ransom for Cartech-ones complete incompetence?? I also had to spend long periods on the phone to Germany at my expense to try and resolve the issue????

I am sure that even Cartech-one are not so incompetent that they cannot see the difference in my experience with Amazon, which was stress free and totally professional and my experience with Cartech-one which was stressful, unprofessional, totally inefficient, totally customer unfriendly, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor!!!

It is absolutely unacceptable to me that you are making me wait for my refund. I do not care that you have dispatched the goods, you should not be holding my money until they are returned to you. What if they go missing, am I to pay for them??????? Please make my refund to my card by Monday 22nd of January or I will be notifying the trading standards industry and spending a day rubbishing your site to as many blogs/review sites etc. I think this will make a great story for Amazon to promote to their market.

You are completely untrustworthy and not fit to be trading..


At the time of this posting the money had still not been refunded.

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  1. Scott says:

    I too am having the exact same issue. I’ve been trying to get my refund since July and it’s now October. They have repeatedly lied and said they will refund but nothing ever happens. I’m sick to death of these scum ripping customers offi wish we could sue the scum but as being in the uk and them over in Germany it’s so difficult.

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