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Royal Dutch Shell Fat Cat Malcolm Brinded: Big Brain but no scruples

Shell Foundation Chairman Malcolm Brinded

By Alfred and John Donovan

On Monday we will publish Shell internal documents and correspondence with Malcolm Brinded providing evidence of how this brainy man,  who remains at number 2 in the Shell hierarchy, sanctioned corrupt practices, deceit, theft and other illegal action involving a conspiracy of Shell managers. This dishonest activity was also condoned by Richard Wiseman, the former Shell Legal Director now laughingly given the job of Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Royal Dutch Shell Plc. The Shell UK legal team Wiseman controlled played a key role in a corrupted Shell tender process.

Evidence assembled by Bill Campbell, the highly respected former HSE Group Auditor of Shell International confirms that Brinded, a ruthless operator, also has the blood of Shell offshore employees on his hands.  The evidence relating to Shell’s notorious and deadly “Touch F*** All” safety culture on the Brent Bravo North Sea Platform, includes tape recorded conversations with senior Shell officials.

Richard Wiseman accused us in an email last Friday of running a provocative hateful campaign against him. We do not hate him or anyone else. We do object to the hypocrisy of Shell management preaching honesty, integrity and transparency in speeches, with the same deceitful propaganda pledges in the Shell Business Principles, while building a shameful track record of doing the exact opposite.  It is deeds not words which count.

We are prepared as always to defend our deeds and words in Court.

We were amused to see that the Dow Jones article confirming incoming CEO Peter Voser’s plans for Shell, as first revealed to the world on this website, cited as being the official Shell “Company Web site”.  Incidentally, according to our insider sources (famed globally for their reliability), Shell moved forward its media and public announcements of the Voser changes in response to the news being published on the unofficial company website.  The one which tells the truth.

How did we end up with the dotcom domain name for Royal Dutch Shell Plc? Ask Richard Wiseman who has publicly boasted he was the conductor of the legal orchestra responsible for creating the new company out of the ashes of the Shell Transport/Royal Dutch structure destroyed by the reserves fraud.

During its failed attempted to grab the domain name in proceedings via The World Intellectual Property Organisation, Shell International Petroleum Company Limited argued that we would use the domain name to embarrass and humiliate the company.  They at least got that one right.

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