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Shell the Worst Company on Earth

30 October 2012

The case of Shell Petroleum Development Company in Ogoniland, Nigeria had been the most appalling experience and the most notable case of a company exploiting, billions of dollars in natural resources from a people and denying responsibility for turning the area into a waste land. Shell Petroleum started oil drilling in Ogoni in 1958.

By 1990, the company has generated over 30 Billion U.S Dollars in revenue from the area. Its operations covered at least 6 major oilfields including the K-Dere(Bomu) Oil field, Bodo-West, Korokoro, Yorla, Ebubu and Afam(Lekuma) oilfields.

As at October 2012, the Ogoni people still live without good drinkable water, no electricity, no roads, no schools, no hospitals, the land and streams had been polluted and the entire area is lifeless with people living with very high risk of cancer.

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