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MI6 Spy Network Inside Shell

By John Donovan

The name of the former head of Shell Global Security Ian McCredie was briefly mentioned earlier this week in a news article published in Nigeria. Readers can guess the subject of the article. 

McCredie is said to have set up a network of former MI6 spies inside Shell Global Security.

Those named so far as being members of SINC – Security Information Network Centre – are Guy Colegate, John Copleston, and Ian McCredie. All worked for Shell. All are former MI6 agents.

Subject to any reply from Ian McCredie to emails I sent to him yesterday via Hakluyt & Company, the commercial offshoot of MI6, which has Shell as a client, more information will be published here at 11am today. 

It will include a 22-page CONFIDENTIAL recipient “eyes only” leaked SINC document about Shell’s activities in Nigeria.


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