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Noel Edmonds ‘wins £5million’ from Lloyds over claims criminal bankers destroyed his business

By John Donovan

I am delighted at the news that Lloyds Banking Group has reached a settlement with the TV and Radio legend Noel Edmonds.

As part of the settlement, he received a payment of several million pounds and agreed to close down the gripe site he had set up targetting Lloyds Banking Group.

I was pleased to provide information to Mr Edmonds at his request and make recommendations, including his attendance at Lloyds Banking Group AGMs at which he made a spectacular impact, causing huge embarrassment to the assembled full board of directors.

I also drew his attention to the merit of gripe sites and in particular my websites focussed on Royal Dutch Shell.

It quickly became clear to me in my correspondence with him that Noel is a very intelligent determined man.

Hence his victory over the mendacious banking giant is not a huge surprise.

As I told him eighteen months ago, “My money is on you.”

Extracts from related Daily Mail article

The agreement, thought to be in the region of £5million, halts a bitter clash which saw Mr Edmonds rail against Lloyds in public meetings, and even set up a website attacking its bosses.

He set up a website railing against bosses, and accused the bank of ‘total disregard for the financial regulations and the rule of law’. A £10,000 reward was even offered for compromising information about senior executives.

Mr Edmonds has taken down his anti-Lloyds website as part of the agreement.

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