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Esther Kiobel expresses her thanks to Amnesty International and other parties supporting her lawsuit against Shell

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Esther Kiobel expresses her sincere thanks to Amnesty International and other parties supporting her Dutch lawsuit against Shell

A heartfelt message of thanks from Esther Kiobel

It has been a very hard road and long, long journey in the fight for fundamental rights of my late husband, Honorable Dr. Barinem Nubari Kiobel and other distinguished Ogonis who have suffered the most horrific abuses or murdered by the former Nigerian junta to help their exclusive collaborators. Shell Oil Corporation continue the exploitation of Nigerian crude oil resources under the most reckless human rights abuses ever imagined.

When I stood against Major Okutimo’s aggressive and barbaric assaults on my person by refusing his shameless and arrogant request to have sex with me for the reward of allowing me to take food to my husband, who was unjustly lied against, unlawfully detained under the most deplorable condition any human being can be, and eventually murdered for something he did not do; I was speaking for millions of Nigerian women in particular and women worldwide in general who are facing such abuses everyday from men who thought women are mere tools to be used and dumped!

I said “No” to his shameless immorality! I was beaten, spat at, shamefully tortured naked in public, put in jail and labeled as insane for standing for my rights. But I refused to be used as a tool by an ignorant, arrogant and irresponsible fool like that regardless of his position and power.

I stood for dignity, self-respect, and honor. All women deserve to be treated as such no matter the circumstances they face in life!

I did not do it for recognition, but like Rosa Park and other distinguished women around the world who have made a difference, I did it to say to my oppressors that: They have no power over me unless I let them! My husband was innocent; I refused to pass a guilty judgment on him by sleeping with one of his enemies who already made up his mind to kill him.

Since then, it has been a worthwhile fight for freedom against oppressive regimes and lawless Corporations around the world. I will not stop fighting for freedom, justice, and human rights because that is what Amnesty International, Mr. John Donovan, and other human rights advocates stand for and that’s what I believe in. I am happy to see many youths at the forefront of human rights today. May God Bless them and keep them safe as they fight for the rights of others.

I am using this opportunity to thank some organizations and individuals that have been helpful and supportive in this long fight and tirelessly still fighting for the oppressed. I want to specially thank Amnesty International, Mr. John Donovan and family, Barrister Carey Davino and co-lawyers, and Barrister Channa and co-lawyers; they have been a tremendous help, consistent supporters, and tireless advocates. For many years, they have stood strongly by me. I could not and would not have gone this far without you all.

Thanks also go to:



I appreciate your efforts, commitments, and dedication. God bless you all.

Mrs. Esther Kiobel.

Esther Kiobel

Esther Kiobel with John Donovan, April 2019

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