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Do not use Shell Broadband as your WiFi provider

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 27 August 2020.

Do not use Shell Broadband as your WiFi provider

Some advice for your advisors: if they take a phone call, ensure they do what they say they will do. Been pestered to pay a bill I do not even owe due to your employees’ stupidity for months now. Impossible to call you unless you want to spend over an hour on hold. Don’t bother emailing, the ‘1 day sla’ is now 2 weeks and still no response

THE worse Internet provider ever!!

THE worse Internet provider ever!!! Keep constantly cutting out, the signal is weak. Im working from home hence to shell I lost earning!!!! THE WORSE EXPERIENCE!!!

Terrible company

Terrible company. I have been supporting my 84 year old mum. She has been overcharged by £300 or £400 on the final statement. They are not the least bothered about dealing with our concerns. They have even continued to take money after the ‘deemed’ reading and final statement. Stay well clear!

Next level Incompetence I’ve spent…

Next level Incompetence I’ve spent nearly 7 hours over 3 days dealing with customer services who don’t give a s*** . I’ve sent over 50 emails to them and spoke to them through live chat . All i wanted was my new account number, which still haven’t been sent out since trying to sort it in June and they have dont nothing about it. I’ve been unable to pay my bill or put in my meter reading because of it and to top it off they have now decided to send threatening debt collection letters . Absolute p#ss take as it is there mistake so Im now gonna be taking legal action against them
Avoid like the plague otherwise you will be there next victim !!! The company deserves to go bust

threaten to send the bailiffs after three days

1st request for cash sent on Friday, the threatening demand was on the Monday (3 days later), not an error or one off. It has happened before.
stressful to have such a threatening email – ‘debt collection agencies etc’
Yes i always pay when requested, and on time. They took over my last supplier. I will be leaving them asap.
Stay Clear

No chance of getting through on the…

No chance of getting through on the phone, no replies to my emails.
They increased my direct debit by 3x, then demanded £400. They didn’t even have a meter reading so completely unreasonable to request this

If there was a 0 star option I would…

If there was a 0 star option I would leave it. Not only have Shell Energy been unacceptably slow in acknowledging meter readings and issuing a bill, it took over an hour to speak to a representative on the phone and they have pursued me through a debt collection agency persistently whilst I was still waiting to receive my bill. This correspondence included threats to cut off my supply. There is no place for aggressive tactics like this, particularly since any delays arose from their own incompetence. I would steer potential customers towards one of the many ethical and economical smaller renewable energy firms who will treat you like a human being

Not happy rip off

Not happy. Wasn’t told installation would be £66! Don’t go with them use someone with free installation. Internet is slow

Incredibly slow service

I tried to speak to an adviser and after 20 minutes, opted for the ‘we’ll call you back’ offer. After an hour of no call, I decided to ring again, but after hanging on for 35 minutes, I decided to try the Online Chat in tandem. Guess what, I was 39 in the queue!!!
I gave up the phone call after 40 minutes and then waited for another 45 minutes before I eventually could get my problem addressed. And that took over 10 minutes, too!!
All in all, shockingly slow service for which Shell Energy should hold its head in shame

Very poor company higher bill fraud…

Very poor company higher bill fraud company I am very disappointed with service cheap service

Very poor Service

Very poor customer service. Waiting time on telephone is far too long to get an answer to a query. £30 penalty for each gas & electricity when moving on to a supposedly cheaper tariff, even when you stay with Shell as a loyal customer. Will not use Shell as my energy supplier when contract comes to an end. Very poor service from Shell

Shell Energy called me to book…

Shell Energy called me to book appointment not me ringing them. They made covid the excuse .. what a load of rubbish. I posted letter to them over a week ago, person was supposed to come out over 2 weeks ago .. said they are working but still heard nothing.
Stay well away from them they take your money but never respond to complaints. Next move is Ombudsma

Having problems with Customer Service…

Having problems with Customer Service understanding, my tenant states she moved out on the 20 June but did not deposit the house keys with the letting agent until the 8 July, which the tenant fully acknowledges, I have provided a copy of the tenants text stating that.

The 9 July was the end of her tenacy and an arranged inspection and reading of the meters which she failed to meet.

Shell energy wishes to bill me from the 20 June when I did not gain possession of the house until I received the keys on the 9 July from the Agents.

There is no Inspection report as one was not required although photographs, date and time have been forwarded regarding the meters.

I do not understand what there problem is


Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! I switched to them after taking time to decide on a new supplier. I did everything asked of me and then I heard nothing. I had to call them to chase my ‘switch’ only to find they hadn’t processed it. I was left in limbo, nobody would answer my questions and the customer service was appalling both on telephone and live chat. Agents on the live chat love to disconnect you if the questions get to tricky for them. In short you’re better off lighting a fire to cook with and heat your home

have my final bill from shell and…

have my final bill from shell and funnily enough it has doubled .will be in touch with citz advice .stay away from this company

I had a telemarketer from Shell Energy…

I had a telemarketer from Shell Energy try to trick me into signing on with them. I was never asked if I wanted to switch. I was just brought down a path where they chose a tariff for me and then wanted my account details to start the direct debit. Never in the conversation did I say I was looking to switch, wanted to switch, or anything. I was somewhat threatened that rates would be going up so lock in now for 29 months. This is very dishonest. How can they know if they can even match or beat the rate I pay now?

Appalling behaviour from shell energy

So i transferred from EON to shell energy a week ago. During the process i got an e mail from them saying that the annual cost would be £200. I was then shocked to get an e mail after the 14 day cooling off period saying that my monthly direct debit will be £30. So they are trying to charge me double my annual usage. And thats just in the first week. Dreadful company. Acting like you would expect an oil company to behave. Wont be using them again

First I was with first utility energy…

First I was with first utility energy for me it was good .than shell energy they have taken over after that I have called them to asked why my bills were to higher than they told me you are in depth 1080 .it was shocking news for me could not sleep.i asked them why you did not informed me bcoz that was a big amount.than they told me you should check online app .I asked them to check my smartmeter than they told me if they come they will charge me if the smartmeter is not in faulty .than I said I want to change your shell energy than they said you can’t you have to pay all your bills so I asked them give me some time to pay and they have given me 3months.than I have paid all my debt and change shell energy it was night mare experience for me and my family please download app for any energy you take for your tracking record .This energy is the worst energy supplier ever.Really disgusted with this supplier .Never Trust them

Never answer emails or hand delivered…

Never answer emails or hand delivered letters. Requested meter to be moved fir 7 years .. still waiting. DON’T USE THIS COMPANY they are rubbish and over priced and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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