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Trustpilot Review: Shell Energy has no customer service – avoid

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 5 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 27 Sept 2020.

Trustpilot Review: Shell Energy has no customer service – avoid

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service, you get passed from one person to another without having any help for the matter you have contacted them, long wait for phone calls and when they get something wrong they don’t even apologise and instead make excuses! Even when I asked for the complaint procedure they send me to a page that doesn’t work! Save yourself time and go with someone else!

THIS company is shocking ,,been trying…

THIS company is shocking ,,been trying to talk to someone about my bill ,,but all they keep doing is putting you on hold ,,over a hour trying to talk to some one …i for one will be leaving this company ..n comsuer services its a joke of a company ..would not recommend

Shell broadband – worst customer service experience I have ever had – Avoid these frauds, the cheap price is NOT worth the effort

I have never had such a poor experience in my life trying to resolve systemic issues with my broadband.

I am paying for speeds that should be 45mbps+, however I have now had openreach engineers sent out twice with nothing resolved, am now getting max 15mbps. I moved from Now Broadband (also openreach) where for a year+ I got a consistent 30mbps (which is what I was paying for) with no speed drops.

Every time I call shell they make me go through the process of checking the master socket and various other waste of time diagnostics – they will not proceed without this. I have now done this twice and they expect me to do it again!

You can also expect the customer service reps to put the phone down on you if they get frustrated.

You would do well to avoid ever going near shell broadband if you value your time

Avoid like the plague!

Absolutely the worst experience I’ve had with an ISP.
The speed I’m getting is way below what they told me I would get. After multiple visits from BT engineers the download speed never matched the given speed. The BT engineers said it was a problem at Shell’s end and they were probably capping my speed. Shell said they don’t do that.
And to top it all of Shell are now trying to charge me for 2 BT engineer visits at £54 each! Even though I said it was pointless sending an engineer out after the first time as there was no fault my end.
What an awful experience and I really cannot wait to get rid of them.

No customer service – avoid.

I’ve been with First Utility and then Shell Energy when they were bought out for several years and the customer service back when it was First Utility was brilliant and why I initially signed up with them – unfortunately not anymore.
I moved house, gave them notice with their moving house form and then rang them once I’d moved to bring them onto the new house. You’d think this is a fairly bread and butter task for them but I was bounced around between 5 or 6 different people with not a single one of them having any clue where to direct me and who I should speak to in order to move my services across. Each and every person I spoke to seemed impatient, rude and not interested in helping me. In the end I decided it wasn’t worth the pain and I’ve decided to just go with someone else.
If I was a new customer I would avoid and take my business to a company with much better customer service.

Think again don’t do it

I have only just started using and had more correspondence than previous 5 suppliers! Changeover has been very painful and questions are rarely answered! Even when asking for an official complaint it appears to be ignored and no mention of readings being sent to previous supplier!

Just dont

About as inept as you can get. Ended up having to take up my issue with OFGEM to get them to listen and then they still denied there was anything wrong with their estimate that we used 4 months of electric in 10 days….

Speaking to “support” is next to pointless 99% of the time as they like to hang up at random or put you on hold and disconnect. Avoid at ALL costs, we were unfortunately forced into joining as a First Utility customer.

Tried several times to phone customer…

Tried several times to phone customer services, kept waiting for a response for over 30 minutes each time and then just cut off. Avoid this company!!

Rogues avoid.

4 months with these rogues seems like 4 years. They took 3 months to Apply my Energy loyal reward. Thus overcharging me. I complained over 10 times. This month they are reversing 4 month loyalty payments thus taking nearly £32 off me, illegally. I am still with Shell for Gas and Electricity.

The speed is much slower than I am OK paying for. They threaten to send an Overreach engineer out at a cost to me of £65.

I am physically and mentally disabled. This is abuse. Institutional Abuse. A breach of the 2010 Equality Act.

They owe me compensation. Yet the do not agree. This lot are the Richard Turpin’s of Broadband.

Minus stars is what these corporate imbeciles deserve.

The worst customer service ever.

The worst customer service ever.
I paid my bill on 1st September through the bank. They keep nagging me to pay it. I spoke to accounts who say they cannot stop the nagging letters, I have to talk to Customer Services. But, it’s impossible to get through to Customer Services, so I continue to be nagged about paying what I have already paid.

Absolutely abysmal service

Absolutely abysmal service. Impossible to reach contact centre and am currently position 85 on chat!
Being charged x3 what I’m supposed to be paying on a group deal through my union. Raised complaints but no-one responds! No ownership or accountability and am now sorry I moved to Shell from British Gas after 20 years. Maybe someone on their social media team might take notice before I go to Ofgem!

Absolute abysmal Customer Care

Absolute abysmal Customer Care, in fact NONE! Keep you hanging on for over an Hour, then when you do get through, they Cut you Off


Useless. I’ve been trying to set up an account since June. I’ve been sending everything through they have asked for and then 2 weeks are am asked to provide the same thing. Absolutely pathetic.

Poor excuse for a supplier

Poor excuse for a supplier. Overcharge for energy and broadband is chronically slow even thought I should be getting super fast!!! Terrible customer service where help is rarely given.
Not at all recommended – certainly one to avoid.

On 13th June

On 13th June, Shell informed me that the battery in my smart meter was running low. They replaced the meter that day.
However, it seems that the meter was not commissioned properly, so it would not provide readings to Shell or update my display unit.
After several phone calls and emails during June and July, Shell visited again on 24th August.
The engineer confirmed that the meter had not been commissioned properly.
He apparently fixed the problem, in that the display unit in my house now shows daily updates. However, the gas consumption is always ZERO

I emailed Shell Energy a few months ago…

I emailed Shell Energy a few months ago enquiring if it was available in my area (Cornwall) and if so was fibre available through them especially FTTP (which I now have via another supplier) & the response from S.E. was some waffle about data protection — am left wondering how many others got a similar response.

Have had problems with broadband biling

Have had problems with broadband billing. June bill not uploaded. Many broken promises regarding this. Adviser said she would post it. Was told it was against data protection to upload bill online -My Account is ebill only. DD not collected in june as Shell did not know how much to collect. Eventually both the bill and direct debit were combined into one bill/ payment. September bill had to be chased as fallen out of automation. Complaint resolution of a verbal apology not acceptable. Did not realise I was an unpaid administrator for Shell energy broadband,

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