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Allegations and Litigation Relating to Spymasters in Shell’s Corporate Security Department

Allegations and Litigation Relating to Spymasters in Shell’s Corporate Security Department

By John Donovan

See below a self-explanatory email I sent yesterday to named senior executives at Shell.

It mentions the current momentous events at Royal Dutch Shell, although that is not the subject of the email. In that connection, I have not spotted any reference in current news coverage to the Dutch police raid at Shell’s current HQ in The Hague.

That astonishing development may have fuelled a growing feeling that the Dutch government has turned anti-Shell by allowing Nigerian and climate change litigation against Shell to proceed in the Dutch courts and tightening up Dutch tax regulations affecting Shell.

The transcript of a wiretapped conversation between BvB and Simon Henry about the police raid in relation to the OPL 245 scandal does touch on Shell’s inhouse spooks, described by BvB as “the people that we hired from MI6“. 

We will be publishing further information on this story, including confidential emails between senior Shell spooks.


From: John Donovan <johndonovan@

Subject: Allegations and Litigation Relating to Shell’s Corporate Security Department

Date: 17 November 2021 at 20:29:10 GMT

To: [email protected]” <[email protected]>

Cc: [email protected], [email protected]


Allegations and Litigation Relating to Shell’s Corporate Security Department

Dear Mr Ben van Beurden

I know that you are very busy at the moment for obvious reasons, so I will keep this email as short as possible.

Suffice it to say in regard to current events, the momentous news would not have come as a surprise to anyone visiting the website in July 2020.

Shell is considering moving its head office: 4 July 2020

Shell Leaving would be an ‘eternal’ sin, but no disaster: 6 July 2020

For some reason, the website has attracted the attention of senior spooks at Shell’s Corporate Security Department, previously known as Shell Corporate Affairs Security (CAS) and Shell Global Security.

Although the relationship started with the website being the subject of their hostile intent, senior Shell spooks themselves became some of our most important whistleblower sources. For example, another former member of the US Secret Service, Mr Donald Lane. Or even a former head of Shell Global Security.

Printed below is a letter purportedly sent to you on 15 November 2021 about alleged discrimination involving senior Shell spooks.



Chief Shell spook Mr James Hall is identified in the accompanying legal document.

Lastly, there is the content of a self-explanatory covering email purportedly identifying the current leadership team of Shell’s Corporate Security Department.


All current members of Shell Corporate Security Department are British white males except one German white male.

Mr. Shater an Arab American former US Secret Service agent and Crockett Oaks, and African-American former FBI agent were the most senior minority members of corporate security, and both left the company claiming discrimination.

Current corporate security leadership team

1 Duncan. Manning, vice president, Corporate Security male white British

2 Stephen Jones, general manager Nigeria Corporate Security male white British
3 Robert Buss, Regional Security Manager; Middle East North Africa, corporate security male white British
4 James Lorge; deputy vice president, corporate security, male white British
5 Wayne Hunt, Regional Security Officer Dubai Rakas, Corporate Security male white British
6 Pete Towndrow; Regional Security Manager; Asia Pacific, corporate security, male white Australian/British
7 Malte Duis; regional security manager, European sub-Saharan Africa, corporate security, male white German
8 Alex Jackson, global threat manager, Corporate Security,male white British 
Please let me know by noon tomorrow 18 November, UK time if there is any reason why I should not publish the above items?  I do not wish to publish anything that would endanger anyone or that is not authentic.
Shell is welcome as always to supply comment for unedited publication alongside the article. An offer you have taken up many times in the past.
If you need more time to investigate, just let me know when I can expect a substantive response.


John Donovan

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