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Shell’s Air Pollution Permit Countdown: Tick-Tock, Time’s Up, Big Oil!

…who needs clean air when you can have profit margins as thick as the smog hanging over Shell’s conscience?

Posted by John Donovan 23 March 2024

In a surprising turn of events that may have Shell executives sweating more than just crude oil, the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection (DEP) has issued a stern “get your act together” notice to the Shell ethane cracker plant. Essentially, they’ve slapped Shell with a deadline and said, “You’re time is up.” Yes, you read that correctly—apparently, even government agencies have given up on proper grammar when dealing with oil giants.

The clock is ticking, folks. Shell’s beloved cracker plant has a measly 120 days from February 22nd (until June 21st) to file for a federal Title V Operating Permit for air emissions. And let’s be real here, if Shell doesn’t even bother to file for the permit, it’s lights out until they do. Can you imagine the horror? The world’s climate crisis might momentarily catch a break from Shell’s relentless emissions. Miracles do happen.

But don’t hold your breath (pun intended), because we all know Shell is the master of wriggling out of environmental regulations faster than you can say “greenwashing.” After all, who needs clean air when you can have profit margins as thick as the smog hanging over Shell’s conscience?

So, let’s watch with bated breath as Shell scrambles to meet this deadline. Will they file for the permit in a timely manner, or will they pull out their usual bag of tricks, including lobbying, PR spin, and possibly sacrificing a few trees to appease the climate gods? Stay tuned, folks. The saga of Shell’s environmental irresponsibility continues, one permit application at a time.

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