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Shell, the oil giant run by unscrupulous hypocrites 

Congratulations to The Guardian on their story exposing the hypocrisy of Royal Dutch Shell in relation to climate change. 

‘Shell knew’: oil giant’s 1991 film warned of climate change danger

Shell subsequently invested billions in highly polluting exploration and production activities around the world. The Guardian provides examples. 

The gap between Shell propaganda and what it actually does is even more striking bearing in mind the core principles of Shell’s claimed ethical code of honesty, integrity, transparency etc.

This from the company that defrauded shareholders over claimed hydrocarbon reserves, supported a Shell executive after he conducted a rigged tender process for a major contract and routinely stole intellectual property disclosed to the company in strictest confidence.

Shell used a combination of threats and undercover espionage conducted by private spy firms such as Hakluyt & Company to fight off parties Shell perceived to be its enemies, including me.

In nearly four decades of dealings with Shell, I have come across only one senior executive who genuinely upheld Shell’s claimed business principles. I refer to Sir John Jennings. Unfortunately, he retired long ago.  If he had not done so, this website probably would not exist.

And we must not forget Shell’s evil conduct in Nigeria: a toxic decades-long track record of pollution, murderous violence and massive corruption.

Shell has also been responsible for widespread corruption surrounding its troubled Corrib gas project in Ireland and even induced earthquakes in its home country, the Netherlands.

Topping it all, we now know from the BBC that Shell is responsible for carrying out experiments on hundreds of thousands of animals. It once used its own employees as guinea pigs in a study of carcinogenic properties.

This is most definitely not a company that ethically minded shareholders should invest in.


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