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Email to Prominent Members of the House of Lords about Shell

From: John Donovan <johndonovan
Subject: Justin Welby
Date: 20 September 2018 at 11:50:12 BST
To: [email protected]

Email sent to Prominent Members of the House of Lords 

SUBJECT: Justin Welby, Archbishop of Cant, with a touch of Frank Spencer

Justin Welby is in hot water again. He has criticised another controversial company, last time Wonga and this time the tax-shy Amazon. Both later embarrassingly revealed to be businesses in which the Church of England is an investor.  He is currently the main target of Rod Liddle in his outspoken Sunday Times column, described as the Archbishop of Cant, with a touch of Frank Spencer. 

BBC Newsnight aired a related package on Friday 14 Sept drawing attention to the subject and the Church of England’s numerous questionable investments. In particular, its holdings in BP and Shell, both described as being “toxic”. Bearing in mind the history set out below, particularly the Nazi aspect and the antisemitism, how could the Church of England invest in such a toxic business, as Shell?

Shell has targeted perceived enemies, such as Greenpeace and The Body Shop, with undercover activity using Hakluyt & Co, the commercial offshoot of MI6 set up partly by Shell and BP.  

Coincidently, The Church of England had a high-level connection with Hakluyt, namely Sir Anthony Hammond KCB, QC. A letter I faxed to the MD of Hakluyt relating to Shell’s espionage activities, ended up on Sir Anthony’s desk at Church of England offices. He was the top lawyer at both organisations. 

Reuters subsequently reported a sinister global spying operation by Shell directed at me. It was sparked by Shell’s fears about my legitimate interest in its toxic past and current activities, as expressed in Shell internal comms. 

Amnesty International has legitimately recently raised the question of whether Shell is a criminal enterprise in respect of its activities in Nigeria, which have fuelled corruption, violence and pollution. The latter on an almost unimaginable scale. We also know from WikiLeaks Cables that Shell infiltrated spies throughout the Nigerian government

The public knows nothing about the fascist history of Shell, or the succession of scandals involving Shell over several decades, right up to current times. Former Shell executives, including former MI6 officers hired by Shell, are currently awaiting trial in Italy on criminal charges arising from massive corruption in the Shell/ENI Nigerian OPL 235 oil deal. An initial verdict is expected this week

Royal Dutch Shell should be held accountable for its outrageous antisemitic actions against its own employees, which cost many lives. The same applies to Shell’s huge financial support for Nazi Germany that contributed to the deaths of some 50 million victims in WW2, including the poor souls who perished in the Holocaust. Shell’s leader, Sir Henri Deterding, was an ardent Nazi feted by Adolf Hitler. Shell has never apologised or expressed any remorse.

My new website provides a vast array of irrefutable historical evidence assembled from Shell’s own historical archives and from many independent, verifiable sources, including, for example, Reuters news reports. I have just started a related petition politely asking Royal Dutch Shell to apologise. Please sign the petition if you agree with this request. 

Evidence confirms the following facts: 

  • Dutch directors of Royal Dutch Shell engaged in anti-Semitic policies against Shell employees.
  • Shell employees were guilty of collaboration and appeasement.
  • Dutch employees of the Group were instructed to complete a form that for some amounted to a self-declared death warrant. Many did not survive the war. 
  • Jewish directors at a Shell subsidiary company, Rhenania-Ossag, were forced to resign.
  • Several hundred Shell employees were fanatical Nazis. There is photographic evidence of them in Nazi regalia.
  • For several years, a Swastika flag flew over the main entrance of Royal Dutch Shell’s head office in The Hague
  • Royal Dutch Shell Group founder, Sir Henri Deterding, was an ardent Nazi who financed Hitler and the Nazi Party. He gave a Heil Hitler salute at a filmed Shell sporting event, had a four-day meeting with Hitler and was later feted by him as being a great friend of Nazi Germany. Sir Henri married a German lady sharing his fascist views, moved to a mansion near Berlin and was buried in Germany in a spectacular Nazi funeral attended by numerous senior Nazi officers and Royal Dutch Shell directors. Hitler sent a wreath expressing condolences on behalf of Nazi German.

My website is also focussed on Shell’s close partnership with the German Chemical giant IG Farben, which supplied the Zyklon-B gas used in the Holocaust to murder millions of people. 

I am drawing the new website to the attention of various Jewish organisations in the UK and in Israel. This approach proved helpful in drumming up support for my successful earlier petition to change the name of the worlds biggest ship, hired by Shell for a major project, even though named after a senior Waffen-SS officer, Peiter Schelte Heerema

Justin Welby was not the first oil executive to hear a calling from God. Sir Philip Watts, a Group Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell became a priest after being forced to resign in disgrace. His sudden exit was a consequence of the Shell oil reserves scandal and cover-up revealed to shocked investors in 2004. See newspaper coverage below. 

The current Royal Dutch Shell CEO Ben van Beurden is caught up in the OPL 245 scandal as a result of his comments in a related wiretapped telephone conversation. He revealed that former MI6 people hired by Shell were deeply involved in the criminally shady deal. Furthermore, he gave instructions to his CFO, that in my view, could only be construed as an attempt to obstruct justice. The call took place while a police raid was in progress at Shell HQ in The Hague. 

Taking all of the above into account, it is entirely inappropriate for the Church of England to be an investor in Royal Dutch Shell. 

Kind regards 

John Donovan

(A long time Shell shareholder/ethical investor activist)

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