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Trustpilot Review of Shell Energy: ‘0 stars, that’s my rating!’

Current Shell Energy customer review posted on Trustpilot: … I had to give 1 star, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to write a review! Please be advised that even that one star doesn’t reflect my opinion on that company! 0 stars, that’s my rating!

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 48 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 13 FEB 2021.


Crap honestly first instincts they come across like they have everything covered and are a cut above other broadband providers, when that’s not the case remember people originally they are a petrol company!!! So basically I signed up before Christmas say September, pay my bill on time no missed payments!! Up until I lost job just after Christmas couldn’t get any money fir a couple months contacted shell broadband explained that I have no money and that I would be able to clear the balance in like 4-5 days baring in mind i only owe 19.99 anyways even after me contacting them calling them my Internet got disconnected and they still want me to pay when I’m receiving no Internet mad guys!!!! I have no gave notice to terminate my contract which will cost me so I day to you before you end up like me STAY AWAY!!! FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I left Origin to switch with these all to become worse of!!!! The Internet is crap to I live on my own one bedroom flat if I’m in the kitchen I cant get any broadband, or it delays you do the maths they have jo empathy or compassion they have support help line jus to find other ways they can get their money of you false advertising DONT USE PLENTY OTTHER CHEAPER BROADBANDS!!!!!!!!

The straw that broke the camel’s back

I have never experienced such poor customer service and communication in my life. Today we get a debt collection notice from this company asking us for payment with their bullying tactics. As a family we are always upto date and prompt payment is always made. To have to write a review to warn people not to use this company goes against my policy and beliefs in giving people the benefit of the doubt. On this occasion Shell have failed yet again and as a result we will be taking our business else where I encourage you to do the same

Poor service from Shell energy

Even though from your previous message on here customer services never help. They always say there is nothing we can do.
There has been no progress on the issues (management team keep dithering). But 8 weeks will soon pass and then you will have to compensate us for the stress levels and calls to you. We will have the right to hold you in breach of your terms and conditions that you have already broken. All we get is quote ‘you have to wait 10 days’ every time we chat to them. Ten days is always reset. We have no calls from the management team. At this point we will wait for the 8 weeks and after that will demand a Deadlock letter and demand that we be released from the contract. According to citizens advice and the Ombudsman it is our right to do so. To all you people out there that have issues call CAB and the energy ombudsman.
As for shell energy …. Hasta La Vista ….

..the worst customer service I have ever experienced!

… I had to give 1 star, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to write a review! Please be advised that even that one star doesn’t reflect my opinion on that company! 0 stars, that’s my rating! Without a choice, we are supplied by Shell Energy, former First Utility, since November 2017! Ever since we are experiencing the worst customer service ever! I’m 44, from Germany and lived quite in few places throughout my life! But never, once in my lifetime, I was treated that badly! Receiving a bill, going back 2 years, over £5.000 pounds shook my partner and myself massively! Straight on the phone to Shell Energy to ask ‘what on earth is that bill about’ we received nothing less than the explanation ‘the system wasn’t updated, that’s why this billing email went out! Baring in mind we are living in an ordinary 2 bedroom house with our son, now aged 7, we were in bits and absolutely out of our minds! Meter readings, submitted by us (date and time stamped), month by month, are out of 10 times classed as ‘invalid’ cause the reading isn’t in Shell Energy’s expectation range! So the company added readings, what they think, is in their expectated range! Twice we received an appointment for an installation of a smart meter: guess what? : twice no one turned up and of course, no one bothered to inform us in any shape or form! We want to leave this company but due outstanding payments, which include payments not being made by us because we don’t know what we really should pay / pay for, the company is blocking our switch! Today, a representative of the company, called my partner and in sheer arrogance he told my partner ‘if you can afford the amount x to pay a month, you can afford that amount x to pay a month’!!! What the hell do you think who you are, telling customers what they are capable to pay a month?? What do you think gives you the right?? Being mentally ill since 9 years and on medication: that company makes me even more ill! I can’t handle that company any more – it makes me sick, mentally and physically! But I’m not giving up: I will go whatever way is needed, to finally be able and free myself out of that corrupt and respectless company!

In response to Lauren from Shell Energy: thank you for your reply! I’m sad to say, I am tired of hearing Shell Energies standardised ‘we are extremely sorry to hear…’! If that would be the case and just once, at least once, be the truth, we would never have put through all the hassle, disappointment, frustration, tears, fear and worry, caused by the company your representing! We have a folder full of email correspondence, an endless list of telephone calls and despite all of that, the problem never has been resolved! The account runs in my partners name, who spent countless hours on the telephone to Shell Energy, in the end… for nothing! We were charged electricity and gas supply before we even started living in the property! Due consultation of an ombudsman, Shell Energy at last, took of the charges for the time we weren’t even living in the supplied property! That’s the only thing, what has been resolve! Other than that, even despite the advice from the ombudsman (back in late spring/early summer 2020) to install a smart meter, so the meter reading issue would be resolved, the Company failed the installation twice! 8 months have passed and we are still submitting readings, which are classed as invalid and corrected into numbers, Shell Energy thinks should be! Please give me one plausible reason why we should bother to run through your offered ‘procedure’ to contact you and ‘we look into it’ again, when we have done so numerous times!? All we want is to be able to leave this company and switch the supply as there’s no trust in the companies calculation of our bills, when readings (proof! dated-and time stamped) are just changed into the companies liking. We had to listen to arrogant statements; we have been promised call backs which, out of 10 times 8 times didn’t happen; we learned after 3years! that we – apparently are in the wrong tariff out of the 4 your company provides…. most recent the telephone conversation between my partner and a representive of your Company this morning with the promise, to receive an email TODAY, which, to no surprise, didn’t arrive till this time!

There’s no other hope for us than finding the necessary funds to involve a solicitor, because there seems to be no other way around in seeking legal advice to get our rights as a customer be acknowledged, heard and handled in an appropriate way!
Many thanks

Very Slow To Resolve

Promised refund of credit that I had accrued… Every month I am told “next month” it will be refunded Utter rubbish service provided on all levels3


When are companies going to learn that virtual online help just doesn’t work. It wastes your time and is so frustrating and is no substitute to access to a real person in customer services.
Shell energy keep blocking my switch away from them , despite being well in credit and me confirming several times my wish to move. There response rate to emails or contact is so slow it takes days to get a response and then all you get is generic excuses and denial and getting through on the phone impossible unless you’ve got hours to sit around and wait.

An upgrade that didn’t work

This is not a reflection on the man who answered the telephone who was courteous and pleasant. It is a complaint about the fact Shell decided to roll out an upgrade and a price increase. However, the upgrade did not work – they said internet would be interrupted by an hour. It went down at 14.30 yesterday and is still down. So, I called. Apparently, roll-out is due to the transfer from copper to fibre. But there is a “capacity” issue. I did ask whether any tests were done prior to this going live, but was told “no”. From what I was able to glean, it sounds like they just had a go to see if it would work and it didn’t. Instead of just not having the internet for one hour, as originally claimed, Shell will be doing a ‘review’ on 17th February. So, that doesn’t even guarantee that the service will be restored by then. My questions for any Shell representative who may be reading this are: What happens if there remains ‘no capacity’: Will I get a refund for a service I cannot access and won’t have been able to access for nearly a week; And, is this problem linked to the fact that Post Office customers have been migrated to Shell. Like I say, the chap I spoke to was very pleasant. But Shell, really? This is going to cause me a great deal of inconvenience at a time when I am already stressed out to the max.

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