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Irate Trustpilot Reviews about Shell Energy

Extracts from a Shell Energy customer review posted on Trustpilot: “A terrible Experience with rude, inconsiderate employees. The phone was put down at least 5 times and I was On Hold For 3 hours. I would never recommend Shell Energy to anyone. THE WORST COMPANY EVER.”

Featured below are extracts from a negative customer review about Shell Energy posted in the past few days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 23 April 2021.

The Worst Company Ever: Shell Energy

A terrible Experience with rude, inconsiderate employees. The phone was put down at least 5 times and I was On Hold For 3 hours. I would never recommend Shell Energy to anyone. THE WORST COMPANY EVER. They also tries to charge me £4,000 for 5 months of electricity. NEVER AGAIN.

Absolutely rubbish customer service…

Absolutely rubbish customer service agents would be better called lip service agents only interested in closing down complaints but not actually fixing them. Only 10 more months until I can leave

My WiFi hardly works I’m not happy at…

My WiFi hardly works I’m not happy at all

Signed up to shellshell broadband scam broadband with this…

Signed up to shell broadband with this company and been off the internet since …just threats of earl termination fees for the service they have failed to provide …a complete rubbish company

Very poor experience

Very poor experience, can’t wait for contract to end. Was without internet or phone for two weeks with Shell refusing to organise open reach engineer. Complaints closed without being resolved and still charged for service they were failing to provide.

Absolutely horrendous

Absolutely horrendous. Avoid at all cost.
Impossible to contact. Call back system doesn’t work. Left ages waiting on the call. Live chat function doesn’t seem to be on offer.
Have been on contact several times about the same issue which is a well over-inflated and incorrect bill. They seem to keep loosing track of the notes from each previous call.

Nightmare of a company – worst customer service

I moved home recently and they’ve been a nightmare to deal with, over charging me, no escalation route, complaints not dealt with before weeks – genuinely at the end of my life. I cannot cope anymore with their nonsense. Customer service just creates more issues. Nightmare of a company.

every day i loose the signal ,and they…

every day i loose the signal ,and they say upgrade?


AVOID SHELL ENERGY LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! we were with another company for 5 years and never had an issue, as soon as shell took over we magically suddenly owed them 100s of £££ for one years usage, at first call they admitted it must be fault but two years later the issue is still unresolved. Nobody will take any further responsibility for it being wrong and our owing is now over £3,000 because we cabt afford to pay them what thry demand monthly, they are SO unhelpful that we now just refuse to make any payments at all, they ring, text and email multiple times a day which is aggressive and harrrassing. During the pandemic its responsibile for all my mental health and depression issues, we feel completely trapped by them with absolutely no way out, I REFUSE to pay money we dont have and that we didn’t spend in the first place. All you have to do is join all the shell company Facebook groups to see this is a frequent scam they seem to employ on unsuspecting previously loyal and well paying people, i didnt ask to be signed up to shell and now we are stuck with this TERRIBLE company forever! Shame on you. One day your constant harrassment will be the end of me.

Big mistake signing up to Shell energy…

Big mistake signing up to Shell energy Broadband. I’ve been with them since July 2020 and haven’t had useable broadband since. Generally there’s no service but when there is it’s useless. This results in no updates via WiFi, no smart TV, no WiFi printer, no doorbell camera and limited security system. When I contacted Shell it took months to get a response. In fact the increased the price of my contract allegedly entitling me to cancel contract without penalties. When I inquired about this I was told I hadn’t given Shell enough time to fix the problems. This was 6 months after taking out a contract. Their complaint’s handler actually implied I was in the wrong because I’d used the service I was paying for. When I requested a different complaint handler I was told I had to esculate my complaint to the ombudsman. I have since been informed by complaints team manager that I can’t end my contract till July 2021 even though Shell haven’t fullfiled their part. The customer service dept. have demonstrated a complete lack of empathy. Their full time job is to fob customers and keep you signed up regardless of the situation. They will cherry pick and miss represent sections of the terms and conditions of your contact and treat you like an idiot. They know that a £20 a month broadband contract isn’t going to be contested if they don’t fullfil their side. To me for a company to have policies like this is an absolute disgrace. Please take note. This is a real world experience of a completely ruthless company. Steer well clear. It’s not worth the drama.

Worst if the worst

Took out shell energy and shell broadband over recent months. I have had a 5 month battle to get a proper energy bill which is still not resolved. Now i cannot access my broadband bill.
I have spent hours trying to resolve issues without success.
I have tried to complain but have gotten nowhere.
The worst of the worst.


PEOPLE BE AWARE – Very misleading company. signed up to fixed monthly payments online. spoke to advisor and they said theres no fixed monthly payments, it depends on metre reading and that it can go up or down, this means is VARIBLE NOT FIXED.
looked at my account and said that fixed payments at 30 a month, we agreed to pay much more. i’ve had this before and ended up paying monthly for a year as they never took right payment.

Enquiry 7831384 & 82500665

Enquiry 7831384 & 82500665. My father passed in Jan 21, I rang to close his account in mid Feb 21 got email 19th Feb advising a refund will be issued within 42 days and by cheque, great. I Sent an email 6th Apr as 42 days had passed asking where refund was then received email 9th Apr saying statement will be sent and refund within 10 working days then received another email 12th Apr saying statement sent in next run and once received to contact you to raise a credit. I don’t expect during this difficult period to be bounced around with different scenarios and wasting my time in these email communications. My experience with you in dealing with this query has been excruciating and worryingly lacking in any sort of urgency.

Made a complaint On the 31st march…

Made a complaint On the 31st march Becouse they sent my Refund To the wrong bank account Almost a month later still not sorted every time i contact them i get told youll recive a update today then theres another excuse Then get told the same thing Every time

Upgraded to super fast broadband made…

Upgraded to super fast broadband made no difference maximum speed 29gb made complaint heard nothing sill taking my money


Where to start. I originally joined shell in December 2020 using a direct debit payment plan. My previous meter readings were given to them by my old supplier. I then heard absolutely nothing for like 2 months and no money was taken out of my account so I decided to contact them. They then told me they had a problem with my supplied meter readings. They sent me the meter readings and they were completely wrong. So I re-sent them the meter readings I’d sent to my previous supplier. I waited another couple of weeks and still heard nothing, but I received a bill through the post going off the wrong meter readings.
Two things I found strange were that they sent me a pay as you go bill when I applied for direct debit, and also that they went off the wrong readings even though they knew they were wrong?
I decided to phone shell customer support again and was told they put me on a different tariff while they were still investigating the meter readings situation. So I asked how can you put me on a random tariff that I haven’t agreed to? I complained and the customer service representative even admitted she wouldn’t be happy if this happened to her.
I then thought we had resolved the problem yet I still heard nothing from shell until yesterday when I had another email asking me to supply meter readings AGAIN. I was just getting passed around different customer service representatives, none of them decided to see what the other had done.
So anyway here I am today nearly 5 months down the line. The situation still hasn’t been resolved and every time I complain I get the same old sorry email. The funny thing is the tariff they put me on is only a year long, so I’m nearly halfway through this tariff and my account still hasn’t been sorted out. I must stress I’ve never had a problem with any energy company until I joined shell. The customer service is absolutely shocking and I would recommend everyone to avoid at all costs.

The shell broadband is the worst…

The shell broadband is the worst nightmare I ever had. I was planning on taking talk talk connection, but an agent forced me to shell telling that they have 17 pounds offer and try it n see if u dnt like change it there is cooling off period .he didn’t tell me that it is not fiber . I had cooling period of 14 days..why do we get cooling period? So that we can see whether we like it n then if not cancel. They won’t deliver you the router or the go live by then which is damn crooked. And when u realise that even if it is on 14 th day and try to cancel the contract, they will tell u that it got expired and you have to pay for a year… I took the contract on 7 th and called them to cancel it on 20th. I learned my lesson… their customer service is pretty worst …if you call the line is busy for a long time for 49 mins then for 38 mins…and their live chat is worst…I have had Vodafone connection their customer care is really good…and if you tell them the same thing..they have the courtesy to respect customers choice in the cooling off period…same is my experience with talk talk
I hope that nobody else deserve this kind of experience..plz see review abt shell broadband before taking connection, Its too late for me now, guys

Not good price not good series very low…

Not good price not good series very low speed

Does not help the disabled

Had a problem with this company now for 4 months I have poor eyesight and unable to do metre readings I’ve asked the company just swap my metre to one I can see but they do not bother they totally ignore my disabilities this company is not like people who have disabilities so my advice to people with disabilities they do not use this company because they are racist

+++ What a R E P U G N A N T company +++

I still owe around £130 after being vastly overcharged through the mis-sold ISAVEEVERY day tariff with the FAKE price promise that never was. This was all well documented and they got away with it as the OMBUDSMAN is totally useless and the energy market is bust and must be corrupt!

Having been ‘ on Furlough ‘ not been able to settle up yet.

THEY HAVE SENT 11 TEXT MESSAGES in a little over a week and several phone calls / emails. UTTER DISGUSTING PEOPLE its harassment of the highest order.

I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst enemy, they make me feel sick.


you say

[ With any fixed term tariff, this means that your unit rates and standing charges are fixed for the length of your selected tariff. Your usage can and most likely will vary, which means your subsequent bills can vary too. It’s explained when the tariff quote is given that the monthly and yearly cost is a projection only]

I say

The tariff I was sold was


Well now I didn’t save did I as when the rates went to standard I was practically robbed blind. My energy rates more than doubled, absolute shambolic way to treat customers.

You also had a FAKE ( I may say this as it did not stand when tested by me ) PRICE PROMISE

Its said :

For those that don’t want to fix, First Utility also has a Price Promise which guarantees its variable tariff will always be cheaper than the Big Six standard tariffs.

The company that you bought was then sold and the original founders went off with over £100 millon according to the Daily Mail.

This is all facts, if you ring me I can have a chat.

Oh and by the way , after I complained they changed the name of the ISAVEVERYDAY tariff. 🙂

Failed to transfer my phone number…

Failed to transfer my phone number from Virgin despite request and assurance there would be no problem.

They didn’t know the procedure which resulted in a 2nd Instalation and another visit from Openreach for anothert simple instalation.
The result was three months of chaos and having to buy a MiFi dongle to buy economical internet, profuse apologies don’t cut it I’m afraid especially as the first five customer service people kept insisting therte was no problem 🙁

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