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Shell Superslow Broadband

Content sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot. 25 August 2021

Shell superslow broadband

Shell broadband started off good for the first few months, now has choked our broadband and we only get speeds of 2Mbps.

Avoid avoid avoid.

Disgusting company… broken promises, no respect, appalling customer service!

Had a perfectly working smart for 18months. Recently had another installed which not only has been done wrong, but has disconnected the one that has been working fine. On the verge of entering 3hours worth of phone calls, and still nothing has been sorted.

This company really should be re-named ‘the Crystal maze’ because you need the patience of a saint!

Only 23 minutes to answer my

Only 23 minutes to answer my call today, oh we are very busy right now. that’s because you are a **** company

Horrific / don’t use this company

Horrific / don’t use this company. They will underhandedly take hundreds from your bank – estimate bills and ignore your readings to make your payments go up even when your useage is low – and the only way you’ll get them to listen is if you complain on their Facebook page – horrible company


Shell do nothing but tell lies, over charge you, ignore you and just want your money. Two members of their team ( Sara) and (Lauren) replied to me on Trustpilot saying they will get back to me but lied. Instead 30 days later all I got was a text asking me why I have not paid.
Great service not!
Shell Energy only want your money Please please stay away from this company. They will take advantage of you like they are doing to me and stress you out with texts while you are at work!!!

Horrific switch, can’t wait to get free

I joined for a particular rate offered through a large scale offer made through London councils.
Which was changed before I even was able to switch providers (and is being increased AGAIN?!), then during the switch that was delayed for weeks, we were left with no energy at all due to an error that meant we had left our original supplier but hadn’t actually been activated with Shell, that then led to having an emergency meter put in just so we had an electricity supply.

As you may have gathered the entire process of switching suppliers and time since has been a horrible experience, for a much less user friendly service

I have enquired previously if it was possible to get an explanation of and sort out the mess and then figure out how to pay any outstanding owed, but as yet have had no actual response other than more demands for the same amount, with no explanations

bad to none existance CS

No one answers the calls. I’ve tried too many times.

Chat agents don’t give the necessary attention. It took me 2 weeks and around 5 different agents to find out that I was billed incorrectly. What happened if I had paid the wrong amount? or you would be happy so why care, right.

Thanks to Harry that finally sorted it out after all those atempts.

Planning to leave Shell and I wouldn’t recommend it to someone else. I think they are other companies that can provide better pricing and service.

This company gets worst by the minute

This company gets worst by the minute, these rocket scientist that answers the phone for this shower who say that they determine if you are capable of talking while being on the phone at the same as driving on a ladder having sex they have the autonomous authority to drop the call politely. this rocket scientist today told me that my minimum speed is 25 Mbps the one the other day said 28 Mbps, I am day 8 of the connection so by day ten I will be down to 15 Mbps MISS SOLD, I have an email confirmation of 40 Mbps to 67 Mbps 40 minutes on the phone waiting

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