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All these 5 star reviews for Shell Broadband are fake

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All these 5-star reviews for Shell Broadband are fake

27 Sept 2021

All these 5 star reviews are fake

I was confused to see that trust pilot has more positive than negative reviews for Shell Broadband (as every other review website has overwhelmingly negative reviews). Upon closer inspection it is very obvious that all the five star reviews are fake, due to their generality and lack of relevance to Broadband.

It is quite funny that a company with as much money as Shell would rather pay for fake reviews than to actually address any of the very valid concerns put forward by its customers.

Anywho i got Shell broadband despite the awful reviews because of how cheap it was. The internet stopped working in the first month and has not worked for nearly 5 weeks now. I have spent hours of my life on hold to customer support and am no closer to getting my working internet back but am still being billed every month. It is worth paying a little bit extra a month in order to have an internet provider that actually provides internet. Shell are quite clearly scammers in this regard.

Shell Broadband Very Poor

I signed up to shell broadband as I was moving house and my current supplier was unable to provide services at the new address.

The service was activated earlier than I wanted (before I moved in!) I received the router and plugged it in on day one. The Card with wifi SSID and password info didn’t match the hub (apparently this affected quite a few people!) so I had to plug it into my TV (no other device with an ethernet socket!) to get it set up, and If you’ve ever tried typing with a TV remote you’ll know how frustrating that was.

The router I was sent for the copper ‘fast broadband’ package is rubbish, not only does it not support AES encryption on wifi (using only the age old and insecure TKIP method which is not compatible with my work laptop) the DHCP server in the router intermittently stopped working, so all my IPv4 devices would detach cease to connect to the router.. after restarts and resets the problem persisted.

After the first week the connection was continually dropping out, download and upload speeds were below 1mbps, openreach were sent to rectify the issue which they seemed to, and once that had happened (2 weeks later) the speeds also increased to something reasonable.

Shell’s online chat was hopeless (because the connection kept dropping) kept getting passed around, offered meagre trouble shooting advice, the same thing time and time again even though it hadn’t work the day before.

After logging a complaint they did eventually agree to send a better router which has fixed the majority of the problems. … so far anyway!

All this resulted in a connection which was utterly useless because of the hardware supplied and faults on the line. I’ve had to use mobile hotspots to work from home, no smart devices have been working, and my security system has been off-line, I asked for a refund on the first month’s bill as the service hasn’t been there, which was declined.

All in all I think Shell should stick to Oil!

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