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Shell Energy Broadband nothing but trouble from the start

12 Nov 2021:

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy Broadband published on Trustpilot.

The worst company ever

I got broadband with them and have had nothing but trouble from the start they scammed me their customer service is the worst I’ve ever had to handle. Don’t waste your time go elsewhere avoid at all costs

Disgraceful and unapologetic Customer Service for errors

The Broadband provision was fine and during my contract term I only needed to contact Customer Service once, which was when I found it not the easiest company to contact and slow to respond. BUT my big problems started when I invoked my right to switch provider at the end of my minimum contract term.

The first problem was being sent a monthly bill as though I hadn’t switched provider 5 days after I had; as Shell charge a month in advance, I had ensured my switch happened exactly when the period I had paid for in advance ended so this way there would be no need for any further bills as Shell were given the required notice for the switch, yet this wasn’t even a final bill and was just a normal monthly bill as though I hadn’t switched provider. To tackle this unnecessary problem Shell had created for me and as it was available at the time of day I received this bill issued in error, I used the online chat service.

I had to wait 8 minutes for an Agent to pick-up the chat request and then put them right regarding having already been billed and paid for up until the last day Shell provided me with Broadband before they said it was actually a system updating error, which now would not be updated until the following month when the system would re-bill to my leaving date and, as I had already paid for this anyway, the bill issued in error would then be cleared down. So, apart from additionally agreeing I had better cancel my Direct Debit to stop Shell taking the sum from the bill issued in error in the meantime, this problem seemed resolved. Next up though proved to be relentless emails about returning my router which inferred I needed to get my act together in this regard. Frustrated at still receiving them two weeks after I had Royal Mail Tracking proof that the router had arrived back with Shell, I found to stop these I needed to email Shell Customer Service to highlight it was in fact Shell who needed to get their act together and 4 days later they replied and seemingly conceded this point at least. An end to the whole Shell Broadband matter I thought.

Oh no, a month after the first bill issued in error, I receive the bill which is meant to cancel and clear it down yet this fails to do so by a negligible sum of £1.20, which Shell now want me to instead pay. Dumbfounded by this and purely on principle that I should not be paying even a negligible sum to help them clear down a bill wholly raised in error, I contacted them in writing to point this out. Instead of resolving it they tried to claim this is what I owed them for the first day they were no longer even my provider. Basically it took me to write three emails, plus suffer an ineffective non-scheduled/arranged telephone call from them where they failed to be able in any way to reassure me they were who they claimed to be (so their call had to be terminated when instead they were asking me to provide further information about myself in these times of scam calls) before this was inadequately resolved. The reason for this is that the £1.20 they ultimately and rightly waived was the act of them finally resolving Shell Energy Broadband’s further error of failing to cancel and clear down fully the September bill which Shell Energy Broadband raised in error, yet they still in waiving it chose to wrongfully refer to it as a debt when there was no debt to Shell Energy Broadband, given if there was I would have paid this negligible sum immediately. However, on principle I was not going to pay for a quantity of a service Shell Energy Broadband had not provided and was wrongfully claiming it had (i.e. 1 day of Broadband on 16th September 2021, when this was in fact provided by my new supplier), any more than I would pay Waitrose for a loaf of bread which Sainsburys had provided and I had rightly paid them for.

It is incredulous that this simplistic and factual matter of error on the part of Shell Energy Broadband was made so difficult by them to resolve, plus even when they ultimately had resolved it they chose to convey this in a manner as though they were doing me a favour, which they most certainly had not; neither had they been in requiring so much of my attention to finally get to the point of resolving Shell Energy Broadband’s error, for which they offered no apology whatsoever, despite me allowing them 14 days to do so before writing this review, and this is inexcusable. Accordingly, I felt it would be remiss of me, as I advised Shell Customer Service I would, to not now at least leave a review of this disgraceful experience to warn others of how appallingly they too could be treated if joining Shell Energy and then switching away at the end of a minimum term as is the customer’s right. I switched on a price basis and would have returned again at a later opportunity if then their price had been favourable, yet after all this I now would pay more rather than return.

A truly awful time with shell…

A truly awful time with shell broadband. For months my internet did not work. Again and again they told me they would send an engineer and one would not show having waited in all day. I would phone and they would say they’ve fixed it their end. Of course nothing changed. Internet was sporadic and sometimes non existent.

I complained for 8 weeks and again and again they told me it was a wifi issue my end. Funny that no other provider I’ve had ever had an issue (or my new one!)

I begged to just leave and go elsewhere but they wanted to charge me for leaving the contract early.

After 8 long weary weeks I complained to the ombudsman and immediately I was contacted by a supervisor who offered me the opportunity to leave immediately penalty free. Of course I took the offer. However they have never fixed the issue. I’ve wasted my breath apparently.

Stefan who called me and offered the escape was nice and helpful. Even when she’ll then emailed a few weeks later saying they were billing me for leaving early! Can you believe it. Luckily I had his emails and he confirmed it was a mistake….. another stress not needed though.

Hi Folks well despite assurances and so…

Hi Folks well despite assurances and so called case managers at Shell ! ha ha . Still no broadband Openreach too after an intial flurry of activity back to the usual inertia . More interestingly recieved an E mail from Trustpilot informing me that my posts violate their code of pratice ! Everthing i have said while flippant is completely accurate and reflects my experience of Shell my provider and Openreach as my connection . Well i say that but neither one of them has done their job since 27th Sept, Still no service . Funny as it was my understanding that Trustpilot were an impartial service . Where does one Trustpilot Trustpilot i wonder ?. Shades of Big Brother don t be surprised if i dont get to post again . Saving grace is their are so many other broadband review sites to post on. Any legal eagles out there i would welcome their advice .

Well folks sorry i havent updated but…

Well folks sorry i havent updated but have been busy trying to live my life . Long story short (i wish you would ) same sh!!!t different day . Despite assurances that work would be completed yesterday guess what the traffic managment did not arrive ! quite frankly not a surprise so worn down by this now ! Openreach have had well over a month now to organise this if handled by shell correctly and Openreach in the first place i would not be writing this ! my patience is now running as thin as one of Tom Jones s facelifts . Lest you mistake my jocular tone this is not funny money lost time lost anxiety maxed out at what has probably been the worst period in my entire life . Dont need it totally unacceptable fortunately i am old skool dont let the bast!!!ards grind you down etc and i wont . On the plus side i have e mailed Joe Lycett s i ve got your back s production co . Got the sketch all good to go shouting when Brenda knighted you did she send you a confirmation e mail Clive ! did ya get it thats more than most of your poor customers can expect bet your wifi is sh!!!t hot . Could be fun .

Not to be trusted

I keep getting remainders in spite the fact I have returned my router 3 months ago. I have provided return tracking to shell energy and they still want to charge me for it. Customer service saying in numerous occasion they will credit me but still waiting after 3 months

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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