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Trustpilot Verdict on Shell Energy: AVOID, AVOID, AVOID…Minus 1,000,000 Stars

20 Dec 2021

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID….Minus 1,000,000 Stars

Complaining is a waste of time

Further to other numerous complaints about Shell Energy, here’s my final one to add to the collection. As of 01.02.22, I shall be put on the standard tariff, which means that the recent whole sale price increases in both gas and electricity will appear on my bills from that date. These increases I have to accept, just like everyone else. The percentage increases equate to 35.17% per KWh on electricity and 67.93% per KWh on gas.

However, the disproportionate increase in my daily standing charge, I find incredibly difficult to accept. These equate to 79.28% on gas and 147.02% on electricity.

I have complained to the energy ombudsman. However, as expected, my complaint has not been upheld. Apparently, Ofgem (another useless organisation, paid for using tax payers money) set the rules on what charges an energy company can apply to “individual customers”; and when I say individual, I mean just that.

As per current law, determined by Ofgem, the daily standing charge that can be applied to a customers account is in the range of 5p to 80p per day. The question is this, why have such EXTREMELY GENEROUS PARAMETERS been set by Ofgem?

I can think of one reason, it is to help energy companies maintain there profit margins. I was told by the Shell Energy customer service team that the more energy you use, the lower the charge for your daily standing charge. Shell Energy later denied this.

Now that I have been with SE for over a year , they have a historical record of my energy usage. I am ,and have always been a low energy user. So I believe that my standing charge is based solely on historical usage.

So the less you use, the higher the standing charge. Of course SE will always deny this. According to SE, the daily standing charge is put in place to pay for things like maintaining the physical infrastructure of pipes and wires and pay for meter readings etc.

Well how come neither of my meters have been read by anyone, other than by me for over 4 years, and why has the maintenance of the network suddenly increase so dramatically, just because the wholesale price of what is transferred through pipes and wires has increased.

SE must think people are totally void of basic intelligence. Anyway, I shall of course part company with Shell Energy at my earliest convenience.

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID….Minus 1,000,000 Stars

Shell Energy is one of the worst if…

Shell Energy is one of the worst if not!, the worst Ultility services I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Every single month there an issue, I paid my bill (Acc 4157853) 17th December only to get an email two days later not acknowledging my payment but outlining my last bill (which was paid), with future bill dates 31st December. Now today 20th at 9:39am, I received an email advising me that I haven’t paid my bill. Make this money hungry company make sense in chasing their customers for payments not yet due or already paid. When you call up to get clarity they got a clue and don’t understand that their breaking FCA guidelines and breaching Consumer Rights.

changed tariff without informing customer

Having been moved to Shell from Green I asked for a smart meter, which happened – incredibly efficiently. However that’s when the efficiency ended. I was not on economy 7 – they put me on a dual meter with economy 7. I complained, after a LOT of effort on my part I received an email saying I was moved on the tariff I should have been on from the start (I’m a v low energy usage customer). The next day (I found out from the bill) they moved me to a tariff which had apparently ended 2 months before with a £50 exit fee and with extortionate standing charges – I can only assume they realised usage was low so the standing charge would make them more money that the electric usage!! I though sharp practice wasn’t allowed – apparently it is. Additionally having set up a DD as requested I’m told they are moving the green one across which is too high (I was £60 in credit after only being with Green 2 months!!)

Is this nightmare ever going to end – I just want a reasonable tariff that I know about rather than shadowy underhand changes and getting tied in – still only a few more weeks until I can take this to the ombudsman

My previous supplier collapsed so…

My previous supplier collapsed so regulator gave me to Shell, I asked them for their charges, they told me they couldn’t tell me. Eventually after a series of failed questions I joined British Gas, they gave me a protected tariff until Nov 2023. That was early October I had already written to them to notify them I wasn’t joining them.
Second week in December they sent me a bill. Which was fascinating as I wasn’t a customer AND British Gas confirmed neither of my meters were registered to Shell. Most interestingly of all, She’ll do not know my house number! Despite multiple e mails and phone calls, they have held onto my credit balance from my previous supplier despite me not being a customer and refuse to release it.

Worst ever customer experience

Definitely the worst customer service we have ever experienced. In the summer problems with wrong tariff. Now the direct debit is not working even though the customer set it up and Shell said they could not get the payment. Customer service reps, poor professionalism, no one taking ownership pf the problem, non-existent operational management. Would strongly advise that potential customers steer away from this energy provider. Absolutely shocking. One of the blue chip corporations and a shambles.

Do not go near this company!!

Awful company and if you have any sense I’d avoid, you spend hours trying to get through, once you finally get through your met by advisors that aren’t interested in the slightest, talk over you and very clearly have no idea what they are doing, I took legal ownership of a property on the 10/11/2021 and for some reason the previous occupiers closed the account down early on the 27/10/2021 and for the days between trying to make me responsible and pay for the standing charges, plus our bill was £60 odd for the month after providing readings and no one is even living there as of yet!! I’ve attempted to call many times but I can’t get through after an hour on hold I have to give up to return to work, I’ve sent emails, no reply and I’ve now attempted to contact on Facebook but i doubt I’ll get a reply there either. Honestly don’t waste your time with this company, I’m not even signed up with them, they are the previous owners suppliers and they are giving me hell! God help anyone who’s legally in a contract with them. Good luck!!

It’s about the shell app,It’s rubbish…

It’s about the shell app,It’s rubbish not letting me use rewards after 10 visits, I feel robbed and I think it’s dodgy this points reward,I am a minicab driver which use to spent around £700 on fuel monthly but won’t use them never cause of this rewards points in the app that not allowing me to use…Will go back to nectar sainsbury also note I asked a person who works in shell is there any difference on fuel quality to supermarket ones he said not really so bye Robber Shell.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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