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An absolute shambles of a service from Shell Broadband

Shell Energy Broadband Reviews recently posted on

1st March 2022

Reviewer MJ: Location North Wales: Date 2022-02-28


Need an option for zero stars here. I am trying to deal with a query about my account after it was transferred from Post Office Telephones to Shell Energy. The best description of their customer service is that it is non existent.

Reviewer Mike: Location Slough: Date 2022-02-27


My problems started when my internet connection went down, trying to contact the company was a nightmare, after 4 phone calls and finally waiting 1 hour 10 minutes I got through, total of over 2 hours waiting on the phone! Only good point to report is that an engineer arrived the next day to fix the problem, another bad point is then when moving house I am told I must take out a new 18 months contract, definitely will change when my present contact expires.

Reviewer Rupert: Location Denyer: Date 2022-02-27


I was told at the point of renewal after 1 year that if I did not move provider within 24 hours I would automatically default onto another years contact. The shell representative said it didn’t work like mobile phone contracts, where you defaulted onto a month by month rate. They said it’s in the T+C’s which it wasn’t. When I asked for her name she accused me of abusing her and hung up. 8 weeks later and I’m told on a Sunday lunchtime the matter has been resolved internally but no details enclosed and the matter is closed.

Reviewer Keith: Location Worcestershire: Date 2022-02-25


Shocking customer service , they put me on hold over an hour, they did this twice. I wanted to end my contract .they never messaged me back or callback .when I did get through on the phone eventually they lied and said they would send me an email to confirm my cancellation, ive never received this email.then they sent me a letter confirming cancellation. That was two weeks ago.yesterday I got two more letters off shell energy ,one stating my broadband contract had ended ,the second letter stated my direct debit was just set up ? I checked with my bank ,and after I cancelled my direct debits with shell, they took the liberty to set up a new direct debit, shocking treatment.the bank have had this happen before off this company ,we were with the post office before they sold to shell. I would avoid this company like the plague .absolutely shocking shambles.

Reviewer Kirsty: Location Barnsley: Date 2022-02-25


Broadband has been down since last Friday. Everyone i have spoken to has been pleasant and seem like they are trying to help but so far have not resolved the issue. After spending hours on the phone and a week without wifi i have asked for a goodwill gesture of a discount from my next bill and they have said no.

Reviewer Frances Sinclair: Location Llandudno: Date 2022-02-24


Awful service, I have had no network connection for almost two weeks. Endless hanging on for technical department. No replies to emails sent. Promised call back within 24 hours, nothing. Had no choice but to change provider even though I’m still in contract. Of course I’ve had an automated response from Shell charging me for leaving.

Reviewer NMY: Location NORTHAMPTON: Date 2022-02-24

Don’t do it. They give you a 14 day opt-out option – what they don’t tell you is that that expires before the service gets activated!! So, if it’s god awful once live – they reply with ‘there will be a cancellation fee’!!! Even the CS agent knew it was a scam, ‘most people just scream at me about it’ he said!!! 30 mins to get through to tech support, tried to blame my devices first (of course) then had to fix it. Avoid. Use pigeons instead.

Reviewer Oliver: Location Tunbridge Wells: Date 2022-02-24


Terrible customer service – I’ve been on hold for 45 mins yesterday and another 30mins today, so far...

Reviewer Michelle: Location Bristol: Date 2022-02-23


Terrible experience of customer service when Shell repeatedly messed up an already clumsy transfer across of former post office broadband customers. Emails and complaints unanswered, many hours on phone to different call centre staff, each contradicting the other! Avoid.

Reviewer Robert Holmes: Location Cumbria: Date 2022-02-22


The router (allegedly new) uses old security and on all Apple devices says “weak security”. Over an hour to customer services, complete joke. Never had this with sky!! They assured me it’s secure but I don’t believe them. Certainly won’t renew after contract runs out. This is day 1 and totally unsatisfied with no resolution from shell.

Reviewer Gerry: Location Kent: Date 2022-02-22


I was changed from the post office and received a bill from shell I did not recognise.have emailed the times with no reply.this looks like the worst public relations I have seen.keep clear.

Reviewer Beverley: Location Witham: Date 2022-02-21


I was originally with Post office broadband which was happy for number of years. Then last year post sold all broadband telephone to shell energy i did not want to go over to them. Only been with shell months and had numerous problem with speed prices was originally paying 27.00 pounds. Telephoned them today asking when getting bill been told will get a bill in march will have two months plus want charge 37.00 pounds instead of old agreed price was paying do not go shell energy they are worst company if like holding phone for 50 minutes then go to them only another 7 months of my contract left then i will cancelling go back to proper company not shell energy.

Reviewer Angie G: Location Enfield: Date 2022-02-21


An absolute shambles of a service. Whilst my speed is pretty good when it’s actually working, the reliability is poor at best. My service drops out at least 5 times a day (on a good day). I may have got a great deal but this has been entirely negated by the shocking service. Can’t wait till I’m able to cancel!

Reviewer Vladimir: Location Jakube: Date 2022-02-21



The service tests quite well on a speed checker, but in the real world, it is sluggish and unresponsive and can take 10 to 20 seconds to load or refresh a web page. I always use a wire connection, but if I connect to my upstairs neighbour by wifi, on the same laptop, the service is much better. Every six months or so, the service begins to falter and has to be rebooted – sometimes three times a day. Typically, the correct lights are illuminated, but there is no connection to the internet.

When I manage to get through to Shell, they go through the same questions and checks that they previously did and the service becomes useable again – for a while. This time, they said they needed to send an engineer around, but that they would charge me for their time, if they couldn’t find a fault, I wasn’t able to be at home, or in some undefined way the engineer decided that I was responsible for the problem. What did I do? I left.


Reviewer Thomas Toolan: Location Sothend on Sea: Date 2022-02-18

Absolutely dismal appalling customer service. Once you have signed up and they have you on a contract They dont give a **** anymore Thats if you can get hold of them in the first place without incurring a huge phone bill STEER CLEAR AND LOOK ELSEWHERE

Reviewer Paul Hillman: Location Chepstow: Date 2022-02-18


It’s terrible. Yes I was with PO for price. But it worked. Never had a problem. Now no Netflix. Even quiet times of day, no internet. How can this be, same lines

Reviewer Paul Whiteing: Location Kent: Date 2022-02-15


Initially the speed and reliability were as expected but after three months both dropped dramatically. On occasions the speed was below 1Mb. It is almost impossible to contact Shell Customer Service, unless you want to wait hours on the telephone or on their Chat service. It took 3 months for them to resolve the issue (problem with Openreach apparently) during which time I had to continue paying the full monthly fee on the promise of reparation on resolution. I have now been waiting two months for my “Goodwill gesture” whilst they try and charge me for engineer visits that never happened. After all of this, they insist that I pay my bill and await a refund or I will incur late payment charges. I have decided to end my contract early but now they want me to pay an early exit fee. DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY!!!

Reviewer John Dovey: Location Clee Hill: Date 2022-02-12


They don’t answer the phone, if you email them ,they don’t deal with your complaint just fob you off.My broadband bill jumped from £40 to £67 and I can’t get an explanation why , the broadband speed is rubbish and keeps dropping off.

Reviewer JKS: Location Sussex: Date 2022-02-11


If i could give shell no stars i would. I am helping my daughter with a complaint and we have been cut off multiple times and all i can say about their customer service is it is appalling and terrible and that is being kind

Reviewer David: Location Cambridge: Date 2022-02-11


Internet connection keeps dropping out and failing to re-connect, happens on my laptop and my phone but not at the same time, have to shut down and re-start to get internet again. Had acall backfrom them asking for photos of the router back and front as well as myphone socket. Vague mutterings about 5G, took readings of connection speed for them over a period of three days and submitted them but they have never phoned back despite chasing twice by email. Hopeless technical and customer service, I will be changing to another provider as soon as the contract period ends.

Reviewer Jan: Location Cornwall: Date 2022-02-11


Absolutely terrible service, internet connection is off or drifting all the time, not fit for purpose, avoid this company like the plague, cannot wait for the contract to end, no such thing as customer service from them.shameful treatment to their customers and crap internet provision give them a wide berth.

Reviewer Rida: Location U.k: Date 2022-02-11


The broadband speed so slow it STOP working after few days then u have to call them again and again
Which take so long to pick up calls ,u have to call them every week that broadband STOP working. BAD BAD BAD services.I wana cancel my contract but thay charge lot of cancellation fee, Please don’t buy their broadband ever.

Reviewer Iona Metcalfe: Location Froncysyllte: Date 2022-02-10


Unable to get WiFi coverage unless seated next to the router. Internet is dropping on a daily basis and so without access at all. Attached TP Links to improve coverage and they worked to start with but now they are unable to obtain IP address and it is impossible to get online using them now. The tv’s in the house all rely on the internet but cannot connect either. Customer service is just one long hold for call to be answered and then you have to queue again to get through to the tech dept. Tried online chat but gave up as the advisor was trying to assist multiple customers at once. Dead loss on all fronts. I’m going to pay the penalty for leaving my contract and move to another provider.

Reviewer Dave: Location Hayle: Date 2022-02-09


I’ll keep it short..looks like I’m going to take out a claim on MCOL. Wish I had seen the reviews before sighning up. A David and Goliath confrontation, wish me luck.

Reviewer Iain: Location LEEDS: Date 2022-02-09


Please avoid if you eventually get through to them on your mobile which can be over half an hour its at your cost for a multi million pond profit company very very poor if I could get out of my 18 month contract I would be be like an a Olympic sprinter of the starting blocks

Reviewer William: Location Wisbeach: Date 2022-02-09

There is no such thing as “customer service” with SHELL Broadband and phone. No one should be left holding a phone for over an hour whilst trying to contact this lot and being subjected to constant repeated adverts about how easy it is to upgrade etc, plus that awful, monotonous “twanging” sound that passes for music!
My phone line had ceased to work and I don’t have a mobile as I hate the things. I asked my nephew to call and he waited 49 minutes to get through. That is disgusting! I have about 5 months left of this cursed contract and then I will be gone as fast as I can! Stay well away from SHELL, they are rubbish!

Reviewer d: Location barking: Date 2022-02-08


took an hour going from one dept to another trying to find out when i was getting a bill as had been transfered from the post office, got to speak to someone told it was going to be the 26th yet taking money on 18th cancelled dd ,but know i find out that it was not that date but a different date. they can not even give you correct imformation as soon as contract ends i will be leaving nothing like this when with post office

Reviewer Yao: Location London: Date 2022-02-08


Absolutely disgusted with the company’s policy, the way they treat their customers and the Custumer service staff. They charge you £35 for not returning the modem, without notifying the customer nor any warning. Nor does it state in the contract (pre October 2021) the amount it will charge. The contract only states “you may be charged” without specific amount, as such it is an abuse of power to charge customers without warning. The woman answered the phone was as cold as a dead body, with no emotion or empathy whatsoever. You’d get more reaction from a dog.

Reviewer Robert: Location: Date 2022-02-07


Awful customer service, expect to wait at least 45 minutes if you need to call them, take days to reply to emails. Avoid! not worth the hassle for the little bit you save.

Reviewer Mike: Location Cornwall: Date 2022-02-07


Visiting a relative in Cornwall, what a horrible service She’ll broadband are offering. Broadband appears to be been down for several hours. Can you contact Shell, can you flip. No online service indicator, online chat is a muppet bot. Phone impossible to get answered.

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