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Shell prefers to ignore such trivial matters as the future of our planet

Posted 24 May 2023 by John Donovan

The activists stormed the meeting, shouting “Shut down Shell” as if their pleas for environmental responsibility could penetrate the thick walls of corporate greed.

Shell miraculously survives yet another feeble revolt from shareholders concerned about its “green strategy” and decides to continue its legacy of environmental destruction. As if that wasn’t enough, climate change protesters daringly stormed Shell’s annual meeting, disturbing the tranquil gathering of oil enthusiasts.

The unruly event in London witnessed a whopping 20 per cent of investors having the audacity to oppose the oil giant’s feeble attempts at an energy transition strategy and its laughable climate performance over the past year. Can you believe it? A measly 20 per cent! The other 80 per cent, clearly blinded by Shell’s deceptive PR campaigns, shamelessly supported the company’s stance.

Oh, but wait, it gets better! A whole 20 per cent of the shareholders had the audacity to vote in favour of a resolution filed by those Dutch activists from Follow This. They had the nerve to demand that Shell set more ambitious environmental targets. Clearly, Shell prefers to ignore such trivial matters as the future of our planet.

During the annual meeting, chaos ensued as activists dared to express their discontent. Security had to intervene to protect the esteemed board members, including the Shell chairman, Sir Andrew Mackenzie. The nerve of these protesters! How dare they interrupt the glorious display of corporate power!

In response to the commotion, a Shell spokesman magnanimously stated, “We respect people’s right to express their point of view.” However, it seems these protesters are only interested in causing a ruckus and not engaging in the oh-so-constructive dialogue that Shell so desperately craves.

But fear not, dear shareholders, for your beloved executives remain untouchable. Despite calls to oust chief executive Wael Sawan and Sir Andrew Mackenzie, their positions remain secure with overwhelming support from voting shareholders—99 per cent for Sawan and a mere 93 per cent for Mackenzie. Who needs accountability when you have such unwavering loyalty?

Ah, and let us not forget the highlight of the event—the activists storming the meeting, shouting “Shut down Shell” as if their pleas for environmental responsibility could penetrate the thick walls of corporate greed. The inconvenience caused by these protesters led to a delay in the proceedings, but fear not dear executives, the show must go on!

Shell, in its infinite wisdom, felt compelled to remind us that it has a “clear target of net-zero emissions by 2050.” Isn’t that just heartwarming? Of course, campaigners had the audacity to demand more aggressive targets, calling for absolute carbon emissions cuts by 2030 and a stronger focus on renewables. But what do they know? Shell and its team of oil enthusiasts know best.

In a valiant effort to save face, Shell’s chief executive, Wael Sawan, defended the company’s sluggish transition to renewable energy. He proudly shared that a meagre $4.3 billion of the company’s total capital spending of $25 billion went towards low-carbon energy in 2022. Well, isn’t that generous? A mere fraction of the budget is devoted to the very cause that might save our planet from imminent doom.

But don’t worry dear shareholders, these protesters were allowed into the meeting because they, too, invested in Shell. How thoughtful of them to give a platform to those who dare challenge the status quo. These “activist shareholders” are a pesky bunch, buying shares just to make a fuss. Can’t they understand that oil profits are more important than the future of humanity?

And let’s not forget the cherry on top—Shell’s staggering profits of $39.9 billion for 2022, the highest in its 115-year history. It’s truly heartwarming to see that while energy prices soar and households struggle, Shell continues to rake in obscene profits without a care in the world.

So, dear readers, let us revel in Shell’s unwavering commitment to environmental destruction and disregard for the protesters’ concerns. As they chant and demand change, Shell stands tall, proving that corporate greed trumps all. Bravo, Shell, bravo!

Shell management has a track record of putting profits first, before any other consideration, including the health and safety of its own employees. In other words, money before ethics. This is after all the company that financially supported Hitler and the Nazis. Google “Shell Nazi History”.

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