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Posted by John Donovan

The 2023 Shell Plc AGM has been disrupted by repeated interventions by a succession of activists all repeating the refrain “SHUT DOWN SHELL”.

Shell chair Sir Andrew Mackenzie appears to be  fighting a losing battle to move on with the meeting…

Shell Chairman Andrew Mackenzie struggled to kick off the energy behemoth’s annual general shareholder meeting on Tuesday, thanks to those pesky climate activists who just couldn’t resist making a scene. They sang, they shouted, and they were eventually dragged away one by one by security personnel. Ah, such fond memories of last year’s meeting, which was also marred by these annoying interruptions, causing a delightful three-hour delay.

But wait, there’s more! A charming choir of approximately a dozen protesters serenaded Chief Executive Wael Sawan and Chairman Andrew Mackenzie with the heartwarming tune, “Go to hell, Shell, and don’t you come back no more.” How touching! I’m sure Mackenzie and Sawan were moved to tears by such lyrical brilliance.

Oh, but Shell’s troubles don’t end there. They now face the displeasure of a small, but oh-so-vocal, group of institutional shareholders who have the audacity to demand faster action on climate change. Can you believe it? It’s like they expect a profit-driven oil and gas giant to prioritize something as trivial as saving the planet.

Mackenzie, bless his heart, had the patience to address the protesters after a grueling half an hour of disruptions at the start of the meeting. I’m sure his heartfelt words of understanding and change really struck a chord with those singing activists. Bravo, Mackenzie, bravo!

Oh, Shell, you truly are a paragon of environmental responsibility and sensitivity. Your commitment to balancing profits from oil and gas with the demands of climate-conscious investors is truly commendable. We’ve heard it all before, Mackenzie, but please, enlighten us with your timeless wisdom once more. It’s not like we have anything better to do than listen to your repetitive excuses.

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