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Shell’s Unprecedented Commitment to Destroying the Planet

Posted by John Donovan: July 10, 2023

In a remarkable display of hypocrisy, big oil firms like Shell are shamelessly reneging on their climate change commitments, opting to maintain their fossil fuel investments instead. This revelation has drawn criticism from none other than the US climate envoy, John Kerry, who rightfully called out these companies for moving in the wrong direction.

Senator Kerry, a key figure in President Biden’s net zero initiatives, expressed his concern about the unnecessary and dangerous backtracking on climate pledges. Speaking at a meeting of net zero financiers and philanthropists, he emphasized the importance of company chief executives investing in the future and accelerating the transition to renewable energy.

But it seems that Shell’s CEO, Wael Sawen, missed the memo. In a recent interview with the BBC, Sawen brazenly stated that cutting oil and gas production would be “dangerous and irresponsible.” Apparently, Shell believes that the world still desperately needs oil and gas, conveniently brushing aside the urgent need for renewable alternatives.

While climate scientists around the globe argue for the closure of fossil fuel projects and a halt to new projects to mitigate temperature rises, Shell stubbornly clings to its destructive path. It’s as if the warnings from scientists about the terrifying consequences of climate change and the unprecedented challenges we face in uncharted territory fall on deaf ears at Shell headquarters.

Shell’s short-sightedness and disregard for the planet’s future are truly astounding. Despite the global consensus on the need for urgent action, Shell’s CEO seems more concerned about potential energy price increases and bills, conveniently forgetting the catastrophic impacts of climate change that will affect the entire planet.

It’s time for Shell and other big oil companies to face the reality of the climate crisis and fulfil their commitments to combatting climate change. The future of our planet and the well-being of future generations depend on it.

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