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Financial calamity could engulf Shell in event of a Prelude FLNG or Arctic Disaster

To the best of my knowledge, both Shell projects are fraught with danger, are pushing the bounds of technology, have attracted risk warnings from experts and are self-insured by Shell because no commercial contingency insurance specialists are willing to provide cover.  By John Donovan An article published today by Reuters gives some idea of the […]

Greenland in transition

Extracts from an article by Nick Snow published 14 April 2014 by Oil & Gas Journal Greenland expects its oil, gas, and minerals to be crucial as it continues its gradual transition to independence, its first US representative said on Apr. 3. “We have begun developing our oil and gas,” noted Inuuteq Holm Olsen, who […]

Louisiana Benzene Case against Shell settled

“Shell’s potential exposure to litigation throughout the US for benzene exposure claims may now be very significant – this could be a repeat of the asbestos claims of a few years ago.” Extracts from an article published 11 April 2014 by under the headline: “Parties Remaining in Louisiana Benzene Case Scheduled for June 2014 […]

Only one in five global shale basins may succeed, Wood Mackenzie says

Extract from an article by James Paton published 8 April 2014 by PERTH, Australia (Bloomberg) — Only one in five global shale regions may succeed in producing significant amounts of oil and gas as countries from China to Argentina seek to emulate the U.S. boom, said energy consultants Wood Mackenzie. Oil companies from Shell […]

Shell Oil Boss Marvin Odum Should Resign after Alaskan Debacle

Now we have further confirmation that Shell was trying to dodge a multimillion tax bill. This time confirmation comes from the findings of an investigation by the Coast Guard division of US Homeland Security. There are going to be more Royal Dutch Shell executives looking for alternative employment… And Marvin Odum, Shell’s boss in the […]

Shell undergoing massive sell off to fix its balance sheet

Extracts from an article poublished Monday 24 March 2014 by MarketWatch under the headline: Ghana’s Jubilee Points to Best Offshore Acreage in the World LONDON / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2014 / The oil industry hasn’t started off 2014 with a bang. The oil majors – ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, BP – all posted […]

BP and Shell peril on the Russian front

“While BP is the biggest of Britain’s oil giants exposed to Russia, it is not alone. Royal Dutch Shell has a stake in the huge Sakhalin-2 liquefied natural gas (LNG) project off the Psacific coast of Russia, and is also working with gas giant Gazprom to drill for oil in the Russian Arttic shelf. The […]

Big Oil Drowning in Extremely High Project Costs

Extracts from a Matt DiLallo article published 17 March 2014 by The Motley Fool Big oil has a big problem. Cost overruns around the globe are calling into question the commercial viability of many megaprojects. When Gorgon was approved, the project was expected to cost about $37 billion. However, late last year, Chevron raised the […]

Pipelines and welding risks for Shell: Kashagan and Prelude

…customers of certain Far Eastern shipyards have found that in spite of vessels being delivered with all of the necessary certification, unsurveyed welds have not always been up to the standards of the specific “randomly selected” welds on which the certification had been based. This may have interesting implications for the Prelude vessel…. Since Shell […]

The Scottish play

Extracts from an article by Stephen Wilmot published on 12 March 2014 by investors CHRONICLE Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) became the latest corporate giant to weigh into the Scottish referendum debate last week. “We’d like to see Scotland remain part of the United Kingdom,” said chief executive Ben van Beurden at the company’s annual reception […]

Royal Dutch Shell Plc’s Greatest Weaknesses

An article by Kevin Godbold published on Wednesday 12 March 2014 by The Motley Fool Drilling for oil is a dangerous business. We only need to look across at the firm’s rival BP and its 2010 Gulf-of-Mexico disaster to see how a drilling accident can financially cripple even a major oil company for years. Shell […]

Selection of links to Shell related articles

Selection of links to Shell related articles kindly supplied by a regular contributor Shell starts commercial US output of new motor oil made from … Hydrocarbon Processing-21 hours ago Shell refers to its novel motor oil process as PurePlus technology, a patented process of converting natural gas into a clear base oil, which is … Back in oil shale Grand Junction Sentinel-10 hours ago Shell, Chevron […]

Shell scaling back drastically on exploration and is selling assets

Extract from an article by John Pendleton published Friday 7 March 2014 by In 2013 several of the major oil companies spent lavishly on offshore prospects and are now feeling the pain of exploration efforts that didn’t pay off. Royal Dutch Shell, for example, spent more than five billion dollars in a bid for […]

BP and Shell suspected manipulation of oil prices

Extracts from an article by Alex Lawler published on 6 March 2014 by Reuters BP says U.S., Asia regulators ask for details after EU price probe (Reuters) – BP Plc said regulators from the United States and Asia have asked it for information after the European Commission’s started an investigation last year into suspected manipulation […]